The pleasures of business writing

People often believe that business writing is more mundane that creative writing.  I disagree.  I’ve gone back and forth from freelance writing to full time work in a variety of jobs.  What I’ve found is that the struggle to capture exactly what I mean in words is equally satisfying no matter what I’m writing about.  At work I found I wrestled with important issues like keeping my job, raising my pay rate, improving working conditions for my staff, securing fairness for all, ensuring progress for my organization, getting along with my colleagues, helping my staff grow, finding ways to pursue my own growth, and plenty more.  Getting the words right matters in a work setting just as much as when you’re writing creatively.

One response to “The pleasures of business writing

  1. Both business and creative writing have one thing in common. Both require the message to be clearly understood. A creative story that vaguely tells a story or leaves the reader confused about characters or plot is no different than a badly crafted email or technical document missing steps. I am shocked at times at how badly some of my co-workers write. Since they get little feedback on their writing or don’t seem to suffer any consequences, they don’t improve. Unless they send it to me. I will tell them I don’t understand what they are saying.

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