Learning should be one of the most enjoyable things we do.

Online learning is fun, especialy when you take a continuing education class.  For once, you’re signed up to LEARN, not to make a grade, rack up credits, or stay in school.  Such classes are surprisingly personal as well.  The safety and anonymity of the online setting frees you up to try new things.  You are free to hide behind a nickname and explore new territory without risk. 


I’ve been teaching writing classes on and off since 1987.  I’ve taught workshops, small groups, tutorials, and through the online learning setting.  I never tire of the students I meet.  One business writing student sticks out in particular.  She was a single mom working two entry levels jobs—one in the fast food industry and the other as a maintenance worker in a medical facility.  She was taking her first online class because she wanted so badly to finally get the learning that she’d missed out on in school.  Her goal was to get a clerical job in an office.  We worked hard together to make sure she got the skills she needed.  She was an inspiration to me as a teacher. 


But I don’t teach only young people or those just starting on their career climb.  I’ve had the privilege of working with a 60-year-old assembly line worker who had suddenly been made foreman, an attorney who knew he wasn’t good at capturing what he meant when he wrote, a social worker who knew that her reports and case notes made a difference in her clients’ futures, a programmer who felt comfortable with numbers but not with the words he needed for email. 


People from all over the world sign up for my creative writing online class as well.  They–like you–are eager to rediscover that easy creativity they felt when they were younger.  It’s my pleasure to guide them through a set of experiences that help them get words, stories, essays, and articles flowing out onto the page.  Along the way, they learn that writing equals growth.  It’s the kind of exploration that can surprise you.


Enjoy writing again.  It’s such a dynamic tool, why not put it to work for you? 

2 responses to “Learning should be one of the most enjoyable things we do.

  1. Are you available to teach a business writing class at my company.

  2. Hello Marc,
    I used to do workshops, but now I do all my teaching online. I have found that the online setting allows me a lot more one-on-one interaction with each individual. I would encourage you to talk to your HR folks or training department about suggesting that people sign up for Effective Business Writing. You will find that it will likely be more economical as well.

    I’m flattered that you asked! Hope your writing is going well. –Ann

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