And they pay me to do this!

I just finished up working with the September session of Beginning Writer’s Workshop offered through  What a great group!  In September, people joined in from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Germany.  I had students ranging in age from one 11-year-old up to a 96-year-old.  The group included stay-at-home mom’s who wanted to balance child care routines with some intellectual growth.  Others felt they had hit mid-life without trying out some of their most deeply treasured dreams.  Still others were retired and seeking ways to connect and continue to learn.  Some had immigrated to English-speaking countries and wanted to work on their language skills by trying some creative writing—both fiction and creative nonfiction.


I have the great pleasure of working with a group of folks who love to read, love to write, and love to learn.  Our one-on-one connection feels like the best kind of authorship to me.  We write and share work together frequently.  They tell me that after six weeks they feel they’ve grown.  I know I do, every single month. 

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