Reaching out to past students

I heard from one of my ex-students (hi again, Gully) a few days ago when she left me a comment on this blog.  I’m fairly new to blogging, but finally couldn’t resist the temptation to use this terrific way of sharing writing and keeping in touch. 


I teach writing classes (business and creative) online via to around 3800 students per year.  The online setting has proven to be quite a personal way to learn together—lots of one-on-one interaction with the students plus the wonderful attention and support everyone gets from classmates.


Since my online classes are only six weeks long, I get to know students quickly, but then lose sight of them when class is over.  I am contractually bound not to share my contact information with students while they are in class, but if they find their way to my blog on their own, that’s fine. 


So if you’re an ex-student with news about your writing—whether on the job, for personal pleasure, or for publication—share a comment here.  How is your writing coming?  –Ann

3 responses to “Reaching out to past students

  1. I took your Beginning Writer’s Workshop last fall (August/September?) and loved it. I loved having a writing goal for each section – it it really helped me with my procrastination issues. Unfortunately those procrastination issues have returned with a vengeance and I’m fighting them again, so aside from “I wish you taught an advanced creative writing course” I don’t have much of an update… =(

  2. Consider staying tuned in here. Many past students have arrived–to share, to goof around, to try new things. I’m glad to hear from you!

  3. Hi Ann,

    I really enjoyed your EBW course. Do you also take on freelance projects?
    Is so, please contact me.

    All the best to you,


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