If You’re Job Hunting

The best way to show a prospective employer that you’ll be a great addition to their organization is to describe two or three accomplishments you’ve had in other jobs or at school. 


For example, let’s say you want to make the point that you are a good multi-tasker.  It’s easy to say that, and every candidate probably will make the same claim.  Why not give an example of how your multi-tasking skills helped a previous employer?  You might recount the story of how you helped put on a conference where you had to organize travel, produce printed material, create powerpoint presentations for your boss, compile a spreadsheet, and welcome attendees.  When you describe a specific instance of past success using a skill (in this case multi-tasking), it helps the interviewer imagine you doing something similar for them.  It also makes you far more memorable than the candidate who merely says, "I am good at multi-tasking."  Even a simple example is far better than no example at all.


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