Goofing Around—8

Here we are.  We’re at a blog.  There are a few things to see here and a lot of words.  Let’s say that your writing task was to describe what’s here.  You might describe the writing tools at the top of the page or the calendar to the right.  These are good details!


But now comes the challenge.  Your task is to notice something that you think no one else will notice.  You’ll have to look hard because it’s up to you to notice something and capture it in words—something you think no one else will have noticed in this particular space where we are meeting.


Give us one detail that we haven’t noticed before.  Open our eyes for us. 

26 responses to “Goofing Around—8

  1. To find, or not to find, that is the question:
    Whether to guess at Marks All,
    of outrageous width, and cousin to the Sharpie,
    that it might differ from the mass,
    and by differing, discover it. Nay, to seek—to find
    yet the morsel and end the challenge eight
    that we are heir to: ‘tis a consummation
    devoutly to be wish’d. To find, to sleep;
    To sleep, perchance to second-guess—ay, there’s the rub:
    For in that sleep of night what left brain mischief comes,
    When we have posted words of treasure,
    Must give us pause—there’s the editor
    That makes calamity of crafted words.
    For who could bear the whips and scorns of such,
    The oppressor’s wrongs, the right brain’s fear,
    The pangs of error chosing, and others finding
    What She asks. What would writers fear,
    To write and edit under a weary light,
    But the dread of something more:
    The undiscover’d country:
    “Categories: Uncategorized.”
    And say no more.

  2. Sorry, it’s supposed to be “choosing.”

  3. What I find here is “Infinite Possibilities.”

  4. I’ve been searching and searching for a detail that might have gone unnoticed by those of us who visit this blog.

    I’ve peeked around every corner, examined all the rooms here, read thousands of words, to no avail.

    The only thing I hadn’t noticed before today is that on the Front Page, I can click on your photo and see a larger version. I know you’re not vain and will probably be embarrassed to have your sweet face revisited by all of us who meet here.

    As I was searching, I reread most of this blog. I especially like your “The Book of Stains.”

    I’m not sure what you are asking us for regarding details, but what I mentioned above is my feeble submission.

  5. Is it books, no, there is not a Sharpie book that I know of. Yes, they are pens, highlighters, #2 graphite, thin line, thick line, green, yellow, clear. Black marker, pink highlighter. You can write BOLD or you can write softly. They call to you, “Just Write” and “It’s ok to write badly.” So, I guess in a round-about way, they are books, for without their ink, their assistance there would not be a word written or a story told.
    Writers would be voiceless. There would be no readers. The world would be void.

  6. Nice going, Walk. I was thinking the intangible inspiration that derives from this site.

  7. I like your take on this upright gathering of writing instruments which at first glance appear to be books on a shelf. These tools deserve to be on display and indeed are essential prerequisites to the volumes themselves.

    Yes, Walk, we writers would be voiceless and the world would be void without them.

  8. I noticed this detail: Most of the individually assigned signature squares in the upper right hand corner of our submissions are designed predominantly with the use of triangular shapes.

  9. That is awesome Shaddy, I looked at them and noticed that they were all different, but I never noticed the triangles. Good observation.

  10. Imperceptible and inconspicuous is a tiny, miniscule ‘happy face’. Can anyone else find it?

    Is this an assignment to test our powers of observation or to practice writing detail? Whatever. Tell me when you find the grinning little spirit.

    I think Ann may be toying with us. Or maybe my computer went nuts.

  11. Finally found it Shy, now my eyes are all blurred and a little crosseyed from looking. How come those things are always in the last place you look? You have won the observational excellence award for today.

  12. Toying? Yes, always. But this is a real exercise I use when I teach face-to-face. We use the room we’re in to locate things others won’t notice. It’s great practice at observing closely, at discovering how much we don’t typically notice, at valuing your attention as a tool. The longer you look, the more you see.

    Today, for example I noticed that there are many different kinds of horizontal lines here. There are dotted lines, bolded lines, thin lines, lighter lines, blue lines, and lines of dashes. Behind those lines is a programmer somewhere. Let’s all give him a hand while he takes a bow.

  13. Face to face lessons with Ann Linquist! Can anyone say intimidation? I’d be so nervous that I couldn’t write for running to the bathroom every other minute.

    But seriously, to sit and soak in Ann’s knowledge face to face would be an awesome experience. Lucky are those who get to experience that.

  14. Shy: I was ready to give up and report to you all that my laptop apparently does not have a smiley face here at Ann’s place. And then I saw it! So now I’ve got to really hustle and get my work done and supper going. And if anyone asks if I’ve done any writing today, I’ll just say well no, I’ve been doing “research”.

  15. Eureka! Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

  16. Oh, for crying out loud. There’s the little critter.

    Good job, Shy. Here’s smiling at you, kid. 🙂

  17. I’ve noticed that Gullible’s “color square” changed colors. And I don’t know why.

  18. Perhaps gray-haired Gullible is becoming quite washed-out looking for lack of meaningful sunshine, hence her square is doing the same.

  19. What it means, I don’t know
    I’m ignorant, I know it shows
    All Ann’s posts, Goofy or not
    Must not have a plot.
    Cuz the little pull down on the right
    Is really quite a sight
    Shows that they are category-less
    But then again, that’s just a guess

  20. I wouldn’t want the task of trying to categorize the stuff we submit here.

    Hey Walk,
    How do you do it? You walk and write rhyming poetry at the same time.

  21. A plethora of instruments to solidify thought to paper teasing the reader as to the writer’s reflections. What irony! They crowd together atop a simple lined yellow foolscap pad preventing us from reading the inspiring words Ann has placed upon it.

  22. Hey Shaddy, I wasn’t chewing gum at that moment.

    Summergoose, you taught me a new word today, foolscap. I’ll be using that a bunch as my co-workers wears caps. Me: “Hey, that’s a nice foolscap you got there.” Them: “Who you calling a fool Willis?”

  23. Between the hot pink and green writing instruments, what is the word written on the foolscap pad? I see the letters “cement.”

    Please guess what you think Ann has written.

  24. Shaddy, I took a screenshot of the area you mentioned and enlarged it. Even though it isn’t real clear, this is what I think it says: “ncement of new” , which could interpret “announcement of new”. Ann must be working up a new class or conference or something “new”. You were right on with the “cement”, without the enlarged picture I couldn’t even see that.

  25. Good job, Walk.

  26. See Goofing Around 9

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