Goofing Around–9

My daughter could never sleep at night. (She was like her father. Me, I could always sleep.) When she was young, I’d go in to say good night, and she’d pepper me with interesting questions to make me stay and keep her company so she would not have to be left alone and bored, in the dark no less. Being a full time working mother at the time, I was exhausted. To assuage my guilt at needing to get some rest myself, I tried to think up ways to help her occupy her mind while she was waiting for sleep to come. I told her to track the associations in her thoughts and see where they led. If she started with Teddy Bear, what did that make her think of?

“Forest,” she said.

“Okay,” I replied. “What does a forest make you think of?”


“And then?”



“Sticky fingers.”

And so it went. The brain at work. We, too, might goof around. If the task is one association per person, where do you go from artichoke? Need I add…surprise us?

66 responses to “Goofing Around–9

  1. A dear friend.

  2. a confidante

  3. Sex.

    (Well, sometimes my friends and I confide really personal things and, anyway, I wanted to say “sex” to move this into a list that doesn’t get too sugary and sweet.)

  4. Wow, Shy, that’s a comment I would expect from say, someone like Dee-Dee.

  5. Dee’s never been and never will be shy.

  6. Rod Stewart

  7. plaid kilts

  8. worn quilts

  9. creaky farmhouses

  10. mayonnaise

  11. (mayo as a lubricant?)

    hair conditioner

  12. Mayo as in dipping artichoke leaves…. So, I suppose “yes” is the answer. The mayo lubricates the leaf pulp.

  13. Gully,

    I’m trying to figure out how creaky farmhouses made you think of mayonnaise. I surmised that perhaps you thought mayonnaise could be used to lubricate whatever was creaking.

    Now I realize you’re responding to the original word Ann started us off with, that is, artichoke.

    Now I see the connection. Yippee! I feel better since I’m a person who needs to make sense out of things. I’m quite upset these days since, as you all know, nothing much makes sense. I reckon I better rethink my needs.

  14. Ahhh, yes, I was thinking of artichokes. Let’s see….creaky farmhouses… have to think on that one.

    Too late. Now were’re up to hair conditioner?

  15. Bluebonnet Beer

    (Honestly, in college I knew a girl who shampooed with Bluebonnet beer. Coors or Bud wouldn’t do, it had to be Bluebonnet beer. Maybe the scent of beer in her hair is why she was so popular?)

  16. Goldilocks

  17. Swiss cheese

  18. Wait, I want to go back to sex and start over…

  19. OK, Gully.


  20. mayonnaise

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

  21. FINE, Walk. That’s just FINE!!!!

    Actually, I’ve come to the conclusion that the lack of cooperation in this FINE group is due to the high degree of creative genius present in its members. I’m honored to rub elbows with all of you; I’ll use the mayonnaise on Walk and Gully’s chapped elbows.

    If I had a life, I suspect I’d still return to this place.

  22. mayonnaise
    makes me think of the movie:

    An Officer and a Gentleman

  23. Mayonaise?

  24. In An Officer and a Gentleman, Richard Gere plays Zack Mayo. His abrasive drill sergeant dubs him, “Mayonnaise.”

    (I love that movie).

  25. You see, Ann, it’s lesson eight and recess all over again. Walk wasn’t in the original 9/20 groups and might not know of what I speak. We all went nuts, Walk, much as we are doing here…much as the original goofing around prompt keept us straight for a while until we could no longer behave, but drove off on larks of our own.

  26. Okay, so Richard Gere. Get a grip, Gully!

  27. Gullie likes to jump around. Okay, she gets to. I honor that, but I agree that getting from creaky farmhouses to mayonnaise was a challenge. Okay, Gullie did a feedback loop to artichokes. Will we allow that? Okay, yes we will.

    On the other hand, notice how SHY we are of sex.

    How about: rubbing (not elbows but) skin?

  28. catharsis

    [a release that refreshes the spirit, often accompanied by oooohhhhhs, aaaaaahhhhhs and mmmmmmms.]

  29. Come on! I SAID Richard Gere, didn’t I? He’s pretty sexy, isn’t he? With or without mayonnaise…

    For catharsis, ahhhh, sorry. I got nuthin’.

  30. Richard Gere? I think he’s smoked too much organic Tibetan incense.

  31. ,,,hold the mayo and onions…

  32. Okay, then, SEX!
    What ever happened to Ann’s G rating???

  33. Whatever happened to her prohibition against ellipses and exclamation points?

    Where were we, anyway?

  34. Mayonnaise? Which brand should I ask for at Walmart? I mean, you know, uh, for creaky old houses….

  35. oooohhhhhs, aaaaaahhhhhs and mmmmmmms.

    Sorry, just had a catharsis, with bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise.

  36. A few submissions back, Ann somewhat timidly offered “rubbing skin” as her response to the word sex. Ann’s surely not shy.

    I’d like to restart this association word game with:


  37. If anybody submits sex, mayonnaise, Richard Gere, or any word previously used, I’ll be terribly disappointed, like this 😦

    You guys are lucky this is an online class. A “few” years ago, I’d routinely smack my younger brothers when they wouldn’t cooperate with me.

    I’m ready, bring it on.

  38. finicky muse

  39. comfortable shoes

  40. cozy intercourse

    (as in talking Shaddy, get your mind out of the gutter. :>) Don’t smack me.)

  41. a fireside chat

  42. cranberries

  43. Thanksgiving Day

  44. tryptophan

  45. skinned knees

  46. A writer has to be able to cope with the truth. It’s the only reason anyone would want to read what we have to say. So, ok, Shaddy, I won’t submit sex, Richard Gere, mayonnaise or any other word previously used but I’m challenging you (as Ann did). I really don’t care if I disappoint you but who in the hell wants to read about cranberries, Thanksgiving Day, tryptophan or skinned knees? Don’t put your reader to sleep. If you can change the word, so can anyone so I want to start with ‘lap dance’. So, live with it.

  47. Is this fun or what?

  48. Lap dance? Ummm. Ah, perchance…to dream?

    No. (And I have to bite my tongue which wants to rhyme with things like: whose pants? Take a chance! Are those red ants?)

    Lap dance…semiphore

    Hey, I didn’t highly tout Natalie Goldberg’s anticliche exercise for nothing! Let’s see you make a connection with that.

  49. The anticliche exercise can be found in Ann’s BWW
    Lesson 7.

    I think I need to take her class again.

  50. semiphore: sexy sailors

  51. I’m experiencing a glitch in my comprehension powers.

    I’ll participate when the red light stops flashing.

  52. poor shaddy. okay, I’ll see if I can go.

    Sexy sailors — tattood young men with short hair in wet t-shirts and bell bottoms!

    (whoops. was that more than one word?)

  53. I’m struggling with the word: semiphore.
    Fortunately, I still can visualize sexy sailors without a glitch.

  54. just say SOS

  55. Sheesh! Ann requested one association per person. Sorry, y’all. I got carried away…again.

  56. Sorry, allow me one more please.

    SOS…dirty pots

  57. vodka shots? Have another one, Walk.

  58. waddling tots…ducklings

  59. Goofing around 10 is taking off.

  60. thank goodness that’s 0ver!

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