Yes to NaNoWriMo

I thought the NaNoWritMo participants might need some encouragement when it feels like the fires are burning low.  Here you go!

The Yes Poem

Yikes yes yeehah

Oh goody, thank goodness, this is great

Grin, smile, gleeful teeth

You bet, I’m with you, this will work

Okay! good idea, wonderful!

Nodding and bowing in agreement

Come in, join us, great!

Ahhh, I’m laughing out loud.

Wink wink, yessirree.

Hey, why not?

Nuf said.


64 responses to “Yes to NaNoWriMo

  1. “Hey, why not?”

    Those are my thoughts exactly.

    • Shaddy

      If you put just half of your enthusiasm and your experience with marathons, you will do just fine with nanowrimo. Just know that I am here cheering for you.

      • Triathlons take physical stamina and NaNoWriMo takes mental stamina.

        They both take determination and stubbornness. I’ve got more than enough of that mule-like quality so I agree with you that I’ll succeed.

        Once I set my mind on a goal, my focus is relentlessly on target.

        I can hear your cheering loud and clear and I sincerely appreciate it. Mules can use a good swift kick in the hind end every now and then to keep them going.

        Oh, another thing. Did you get that sticky mess cleaned up off your table yet or are you leaving it for Gully? A month is a pretty long time to wait!!!

    • Gullible didn’t clean the sticky mess off the table, Pablo did.

  2. NaNo Na No
    I’m Mork
    You’re Mindy
    This will be brief
    Not long and windy.

    Put yer letters to the paper
    Wear out a good keyboard
    Use all your words
    There’s no need to hord.
    Use sentences, even some burbs.

    Before you know it
    The month will have passed
    The challenge is over
    Time went by fast
    You’ll yell and kiss rover.

    A novelist you’ve become
    An arranger of words
    Not just any ole bum
    But don’t get comfy cuz before you know it
    NaNo time has once again come.

    • I know exactly why you’re not spending your time participating in NaNoWriMo. You can’t tear yourself away from Beautiful for the hours required.

      You don’t call yourself Romantic Walk for no good reason.

      You’re a good man, my friend.

  3. For Ann,

    I hope you realize that a big part of my present life, I owe to you.

    I won’t go into great detail regarding your influence on me since I’ve done that time and time again over the last three years.

    I appreciate your recognition of us, NaNoWriMo participants.

    I’m going to dedicate my so called “novel” to you; I can’t think of anyone else who’s more deserving.

    By the way, one of my possible novel titles is Shaddy, Tweaked.

  4. Ode to NaNoWriMo

    Lean it to the left,
    lean it to the right,
    give up sleeping
    and write all night!

    Yea, NaNoWriMo participants!!!

  5. This is truly an awe-inspiring support group. Thank you all!!! (Sorry for leaving that empty wine glass on the table. Thanks for cleaning it up, whoever did it.)

    Hey, why not indeed??

  6. No time to wail or have a fit,
    But gee, I need to @%*$
    Don’t have no mo time
    Don’t give a galdern dime
    Just havta write them words
    That’s never ever been heard
    Least arranged in the weird way
    That I put on paper what I say
    Here’s to all you NaNo folks
    Butt of all our simpleton jokes
    We envy your dedication and drive
    Praying that you’ll survive
    The sore fingers and numb fannies
    Writing something real uncannie
    We’ll cheer you on to the finish
    An accomplishment no one can diminish.

  7. 50K words, dang
    I thought it was 5K,
    I really need to buy new glasses.

    I’d better sit, man
    So much for the poems,
    I imagine not a soul is complainin’.

    21K finished, whew
    29 more to clank out,
    I think I may have time for vacation!


    Poetry is just not my thing!
    Help me out here
    KathyH! Walk! Ann! ANYBODY!

  8. darksculptures,
    I really think you need a shot of self-confidence. Consider this it. Loved the first verse especially.

  9. Thanks for the kind words, Shaddy. It’s like manna from heaven when I’m on the fiftieth candle description.

    DarkSculptures: 29,000 more? You can always toss in a candy wrapper or a paper clip to get those bricolage juices going.

    Go go go!

    • Ha! Ha!

      Ann, I was about to wish you happy birthday (fiftieth candle description). Then I got the BWW reference. Happy Birthday anyway.

      Greetings, all. Good luck to the NaNoWriMo-ers. Look back at our Perserverance writing if you need encouragement.


  10. I’m off to Mexico, land of margaritas and nachos.

    The Elder Storytelling Place is going to publish two of my stories next week–Monday and Friday. I managed to catch Blogspot in a good mood and scheduled several posts to appear on my blog during November, so it won’t die a sad death. Pre-scheduling is not an easy thing to do there.

  11. NaNo



  12. It’s the Tenth day of NaNoWriMo and my husband gave to me, The number of a shrink, Nine bricologe items,
    eight frozen dinners,
    seven clean new undies,
    six bars of soap,
    four ibuprophen,
    three writing tablets,
    two parker pens
    and a few hours for writing.

    I should have never created this little jingle for my blog. Now I can’t stop singing it as I type. I must have gone baty…Chris Baty that is. LOL

    • Here you go, Darksculptures. This ought to take your mind off “The Tenth Day of Nanowrimo”. This is for you…

      Oh I wish there was a nanowrimo junior
      that is what I truly wish could be
      and if there was a nanowrimo junior
      I’d be writing and you all would be cheering me.

    • Priceless, darksculptures…amazing and so very, very appropriate…dang…I can’t remember the last time I changed my undies…perhaps Oct. 31st…yup…

  13. Oh, criminy, KathyH. That must be why I reached for Oscar Meyer bologna yesterday. Can’t find anything but turkey hot dogs here in Mexico. Yuk–pure corn syrup and sodium.

  14. I’m comma happy today. Geesh.

  15. It’s the thirteenth day of NaNoWriMo and my husband gave to me,


    50,001 words on Friday the 13th of all days. Now that’s just kind of spooky for a horror/thriller novel don’t you think?!

    • Woohoo! Confetti streamers! Popping corks! Flashing lights!

    • YAY!!!!!! YAY!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! But here’s the thing, DS, I am dying to know what that one last little word is? I mean, 50,000 and 1! What’s the one word? Congratulations on an incredible accomplishment.

      • Thank you KathyK.

        The mysterious (1) was the word – been?”

        I would love to say I am finished, but I am still four chapters away from the end of my outline.

        The 50K word sentence is one of the most craptastically designed sentences I’ve ever written. A nonstandard question ending in a past participle. My gammar instructor would faint if she read it. LOL

        December waits patiently with my inner editor at it’s side.

    • “A nonstandard question ending in a past participle”. My brain hurts. Ah grammar, that pesty little pest that keeps bugging me.

      “Craptastically”. Is that in the dictionary?

      One more thing. Are you the first at Nanowrimo to reach the goal of 50,000 words? Man, that’s a whole lot of writing. Congratulations again, Darksculptures.

      • I think Shaddy taught me the craptastically word. Maybe it was Dayner – I think its a NaNo thing.

        I am no where near the first to reach 50K. I tried to write on average 5k a day. Keep in mind I don’t work. When you put it in that perspective it’s not that great of an accomplishment. LOL

  16. Chicken fajitas, coconut shrimp, carne asada, salsa fresca, guacamole, and Pacifico. Does life get any better?

  17. Some of my new blogging friends are off the charts. They’re going way beyond 50,000 words which to me is quite a far-fetched goal for one month’s writing.

    Not to mention names, darksculptures and dayner are flaming.

    You know something though. At sixty, I’m comfortable with my present word count of 28,800 or thereabouts. Listen. This is momentous. This is the first time in my life when I’m sitting back with my satisfactory word count and not the least bit tempted to keep up with the leaders.

    God, I love it. I’m happy to do my thing with the 50,000 words. I’m cool, calm and collected about the whole fricking deal.

    I can’t believe it!!!! I’m cutting myself some slack!!!! Who’d have thunk that it would ever happen?

    Not me.

    But it has.

  18. I used the word crap in my novel, but not craptastically. I suspect I may resort to it before December rolls around.

  19. Hey, all you word lovers. I think you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve written my 34,308th word as of 7:55pm today, November 15th.

    I’m feeling better about what I’ve written than I expected to when I started. What I’ve written makes sense and there’s somewhat of a plot unfolding as I go. I’m not free-writing as I planned. I’m laboring to a degree but not to the point of agonizing; there’s not enough time for that, thank God.

    darksculptures and dayner are beyond 50,000 words already. They’re on fire!

    I can see Natasha up ahead on the road. I passed her once but not for long. She took off after that and I’ve been eating her dust ever since.

    I hope you’re all rummaging around in your toy boxes of words and creating wonderful worlds that bring you joy. If not, tip your toy box upside down. Create a mixed up jumble of nonsense and sit down in the middle of it.

    If we don’t even try, we’ll never get to play.

    • You are really starting to cook. You must have found some sweet spot on your river of words and your floating down it on a raft of pure bliss!

      I can’t wait to read it when you’re finished! What a fun adventure this has been my friend!

  20. Oh, my — I haven’t been here on Ann Avenue in a while and have I missed some good stuff, good times! I wheeled in just in time to learn a new word, craptastically, which has instantly become one of my ‘top 100’ words. Thanks, y’all!

  21. Those of you who haven’t experienced writing a novel in a month, well, I wish you’d try it. It’s worth the effort.

    To become good at anything, we need to practice. Having a deadline and a goal of writing 50,000 words within a deadline of thirty days forces you to write.

    I’m going to come away from this experience a better writer than I was before November 1st. Or at least, I’ll think I’m a better writer and what’s happening between my own two ears is mighty important, to me anyway. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, probably not so much.

    My novel took a turn today. I’m not sure if it’s a turn for the good or a turn in the opposite direction.

    If anything about my novel is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

  22. NaNoWriMo

    It’s easier than I expected
    And a headache as well.

    I’m elated on page 55
    And lost two days later.

    I want it to never end
    And I’m weary of it as well.

    I’m weighted with heavy chains
    And light as a feather.

    How will I look?
    How will I feel?
    What will I think?
    When my goal is fulfilled?

    Que sera, sera,
    Whatever will be, will be.
    The future’s not ours to see,
    Que sera, sera.

    (Whatcha all been up to?)

  23. Shrimp tacos and cerveza.
    Guacamole and tortilla chips.
    Carne asada dreams.

    • Wanna change places?

      Duh! Of course you don’t.

      (It’s 4:35PM. I’m still at work. I’m worse than weary and I’ve not even begun today’s writing for NaNoWriMo.

      We’re traveling across Michigan to the Detroit area this coming Wednesday for Thanksgiving, returning home on Saturday. I’d like to reach 50,000 words before we head out of Beloit on Wednesday. Perhaps I should alter my writing plans before I fall over.

      I could write on my laptop on the way to and from Detroit but there’ll be four of us in the truck which could be distracting.

      Oh well,
      Time will tell).

      Get drunk for me, would ya, Gully?

    • Oh my. Sounds fabulous. Have some for me, please.

      Thank you. And pass me another shrimp taco.

  24. Huff huff — I crossed the NaNo 50 K line this morning!!

    I’m the one running alongside the Energizer Bunny — holding out my laptop in front of me and still typing.

    I still have more story to tell so I’ll keep going, but maybe not at the pace I’ve been doing up til now.

    THANK YOU ALL for the encouragement along the route.

    • Congratulations Natasha! 50,000 words in less than 30 days–what an amazing accomplishment. All you ‘wrimos’ are extraordinary.

  25. Shaddy

    I’ve been keeping up with your nanowrimo process with all its goods and bads, flying highs and weary lows. Keep going, write what travels from your head, through your heart and onto the page. And that will be the right way.

    • I saw you and the Energizer Bunny sitting along the side of the road, heavily into the partying mode when I came dragging across the finish line.

      Congrats and best wishes with the rest of your story.

      • Can you tell I’ve just about had it?? This comment about the Energizer Bunny was supposed go to Natasha. Duh!!

        I hope you still going and going and going and…

  26. NATASHA! Congrats! Here’s cold Pacifico for you and a carrot for your long-eared friend.

  27. Shaddy’s agent: “Line up for an autographed copy, folks. One per person, please. Don’t push. Don’t shove. Calm down. I know , I know, you want to be near a novelist.”

    Shaddy: “Who? Oh, that Sarah from somewhere up in Alaska? She’s at the back table over in the corner. She’s the one wearing the yellow waders and the rain slicker. Don’t even go there. Please don’t go. Here’s ten dollars if you’ll just take one of mine and walk around with it. I autographed it twice.”

  28. Everyone now……

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Gully
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

  29. Look out Ann, I just enrolled in your Dec 9 Business Writing course. Be kind to me please……

  30. Congrats to all you NaNo novelists. You have my admiration and respect for challenging yourself. Next year, I hope to join you, unless in March or April you’d like to have our own NaNo, Ann style.

  31. Walk–I’ll be good. Will you call yourself “Walk” or are you going to fool me? Both are fine. Just curious. I’m glad you’re coming. It’s a good class, and one I enjoy teaching.

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