I Believe

I believe that inside you there are ideas bursting to come out.

I believe that over a lifetime, the only thing that really holds you back are the voices inside that say, “You cannot do this.”

I believe that we are all equally creative. It’s not a talent; it’s an ability to say “yes,” open up, and trust yourself.

I refuse to have a bad time.

What do you believe?

64 responses to “I Believe

  1. I believe…
    Everyone has something important to share.
    Words appreciate patience.
    Meekness is quietly profound.
    Unwritten words are lonely.
    Time heals.
    Love changes.

    I believe…
    Pictures capture images and words capture souls.
    No heart is impenetrable.
    Authors select words.
    God selects authors.
    Writing liberates.
    I’m free.

    I believe…
    Knowledge and understanding lies at the end of the hall.
    Authors are the building.
    Books are doors.
    Words are keys.
    Thoughts fade.
    Words last.

  2. I believe that I can’t top Darksculptures…..excellent work.

  3. darksculptures, you wrote this one over the top and have left the rest of us speechless–except for words of praise. Regardless of what your preferred genre might be, don’t ever abandon poetry. It lives in you.

    • Thank you Gully. Poetry is a strange bird – sometimes it sits on the window sill and sings all day long. Other days it’s off flying around somewhere and no matter how much seed I throw to the ground it just doesn’t come home.

      There is a little poetry posted on my Read my Shorts page. (not much) You’re more than welcome to visit it anytime.

  4. To my writer friends:

    An example of descriptive writing from “Let the Great World Spin: A Novel” by Colum McCann.

    “Revolving doors pushed quarters of conversation out into the street.”

  5. Also, same author, same book:

    ‘She was tall and bosom burdened.”

    “Another day, another dolor.”

    Dude writes in sentence fragments. My kind of writer.

  6. Ann,
    I believe we have the ability to do so much more than we ever thought possible, if we trust ourselves even just a little.

    Five of us (from your classes) joined together to do NaNoWriMo in November…and we all finished our novels!! This includes me, Nancy Drew Too, Darksculptures, Shaddy and Dayner, who double-dog-dared us to do it.

    I want to say a big THANK YOU, Ann, because without you, none of us would have had the courage to do it at all. You have inspired us to be writers, and perhaps one day…authors!

  7. i believe in writing, the real me is unwrapped, then released…ahhh…freedom…and surprise.

  8. I believe that with every valley we tread there is a mountain to climb.
    I believe that love comes to every person, if that person will accept it.
    I believe that tomorrow has endless opportunities that if we would open our eyes to, would amaze us.
    I believe that friendship comes from places never imagined, at times we could never plan.
    I believe that a solitary life can change the lives of multitudes.
    I believe that the written word is often more special than the spoken one.
    I believe that the Word is the living, spoken Word of God.
    I believe that our expectations of others shouldn’t be higher than our expectations of ourselves.
    I believe that greatest thing in my life is that I believe.
    I believe that our choices reflect our heart.
    I believe that success isn’t due to our talent, but to our hard work using that talent.
    I believe that without risk, we accomplish nothing of significance.
    I believe that without a full heart, we have a empty life.
    I believe that hope sustains us.
    I believe that I will end now.

  9. What do I believe?

    We must love ourselves first, only then we can love others. If we don’t learn to love ourselves as children, the journey to self-love can be long and arduous. I believe that even if it takes sixty years to learn to love oneself, that’s okay. Life beyond sixty will undoubtedly be a new and brighter time.

    I pray that every single person lives at least one moment before he dies in which he accepts who he is and is then able to love and accept his fellow men.

    What else do I believe?

    I believe in the triune God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God the Father created all things including man. God gave man the will to make his own decisions. When man turned from God, he sent his son, Jesus, born of a woman to suffer and die on the cross. Jesus’ death paid the price for all sins committed by those who believe in him. God raised Jesus from the dead and he ascended into heaven. When baptized, man is filled with the Holy Spirit which allows him to also be resurrected and taken into heaven when he dies.

  10. I believe Shaddy believes. An appropriate statement of belief for the season. Nicely done with a strong tone of commitment. (clapping)

  11. I believe that all of you are irreplaceable.

    I believe that we’ve all met in this place for a reason.

    I believe the bonds that hold us together consist of the finest gold, silver and bronze threads.

    I believe having words as our common interest makes us “the very bestest of friends.”

  12. I’ve been home thirty minutes. Twelve degrees in Moose Pass. The power just came back on this afternoon after being out since Monday due to nasty winter storms. The driveway’s a mess with tons of wet, frozen snow and six more inches of light stuff. My house is too chilly to bring Pablo home tonight.

    I believe I’ll eat a tamale, go to bed, and dream I’m still in Mazatlan.

  13. I believe in past lives and second chances.
    I believe that for each life we are given, we must learn a lesson that builds our character.
    I believe God sends guardian angels to guide us.
    I believe we create our own happiness and make our own luck.
    I believe that with gratitude we find contentment.

  14. darksculptures,

    Try Writer’s Digest periodical. They might bite. Or, go to Beth’s blogroll at Switched at Birth and check her list of literary magazines.

    • Thank you Barbara and Gully for both the information and support. I’m heading over to check out the submission guidelines now. If I hear anything back I’ll be sure to let you know.

  15. FYO: I posted the first chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel on my blog. It’s a short chapter so if you’ve got a few minutes, I’d love to have you read it.

  16. I believe this, from “The Shadow Of The Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, is why any writer writes:
    “This is a place of mystery, Daniel, a sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens.”

  17. I believe in the beauty of fresh blackberries and a wedge of cornbread on a brick-red plate.

    I believe in the power of love.

    I believe no one should have to go hungry.

    I believe we’re all in this web of life together, and we should act like our lives depend on it. I believe they do.

    I believe in the power of love. I believe that bears repeating, which I just did.

    • I especially enjoy the vivid picture you painted with your words in your first “I believe” statement.

      Every one of your beliefs is vital to maintaining humanity.

      • Thanks, Shaddy! That was my breakfast and I was bowled over by how spectacular it looked in the sunlight.

        I would like to emulate Shaddy and Gully with their awesome blog photos — but I was too hungry and in a hurry so I ate it instead of snapping a pic.

        I should attach the camera to that little notebook I keep meaning to carry around.

    • I like that you remind us to believe in the little blessings of life as well as the big with your description of your breakfast, which by the way makes me want a snack.

    • Natasha, your grasp of the art of imagery blows me away. Your world must be a color palette!

      I believe your last line says it all.

  18. All right, which one of you woke up the Queen of Diggerel? Really, I don’t have time to mess with her today.

    Is This Too Much to Ask?

    All I want to do all day is tinker with my blog,
    to write about the things I do, post photos to show you.
    Fiddle with the template and maybe play a game
    or two of Spider Solitaire. Is that too much to ask?

    I brush my teeth and comb my hair, take a shower, too.
    Make my bed and eat breakfast, after a cup of tea.
    See that Pablo’s cups are full, clean his cage quite often,
    Then climb the stairs up to the loft and start up Firefox.

    First I check my e-mail, reply if I’m inclined.
    Delete the spam, create new mail, keep in touch with friends.
    Pablo chuckles from his perch, he likes it in the loft,
    Where he can keep an eye on me, sure I won’t take off.

    Some days I drive into town, check the mail and such,
    Then head right home, toss the mail, and the computer wake.
    Click on favorites, go right there, though some time’s there’s a wait
    Because my DSL resembles evolution’s gait.

    I’ll only spend a minute (then some chores I’ll do),
    Check the blogs I follow, and comment at a few.
    Then I’m back to mine, fixing errors where I find
    my keyboard’s been dyslexic–happens all the time.

    Suddenly it’s five o’clock, what happened to the time?
    I only blogged a minute, it can’t be that late now.
    And Spider Solitaire? Well, I played a game or two.
    But, now it’s time to watch the news, on channel two, you know.

    I’ve another post to do at Gullible’s Travels,
    should only take a minute, though photos do take longer.
    Then I’ll wash the dishes, and start some laundry too,
    I’ll only blog a minute, cuz there’s so much to do.

    Oh, my gosh, look at that! It’s nearly twelve o’clock.
    Past my bedtime, here I am, closing out my blog.
    The mail’s untouched, the laundry left, now too late to do,
    Sleep awaits unless I think of something else to post.

    My hair is gray, my shoulders shot, Medicare’s my pal,
    My eyes are weak, my finger locks when I bend it so,
    I have so many words to write, it seems I’m full of them.
    And I’ve come to realize, Father Time’s a peer.

    All I want to do all day is tinker with my blog,
    Forget about the other stuff, I’ve too much to say.
    Cuz I won’t be ready, to cross the river Styx,
    Until I’ve rid myself of words. Is that too much to ask?

    Now you know about my wish, and wouldn’t it be nice
    if someone came to do my chores so I would have the time
    to tinker with my blog all day (psst–the jack goes on the queen)
    and play a simple game or two of Spider Solitaire.

    Who Am I to Question Why?

    Who am I to question why a poem wants to be
    free to run about and play, not locked in symmetry?
    Forget about the proper form, the feet and meter verse,
    complaints it doesn’t scan, and such, I don’t write poetry.

    I simply let the words go loose to wander where they may,
    Touch a spot, move over there, take a hike and so.
    There’s beauty in the scenery when words are free to go
    Any where they want to be, and tell us what they see.

    Keep your sonnets, villanelles, triolets, and such,
    they’re too much like doing math, their patterns carved in rock.
    Each word chosen with such care, it loses all its joy,
    dragged by serif, stuck in line, like sinner in a corner.

    Let them run about, I say, though it’s so hard to do
    With feet and meter pounded in when I was in high school.
    But who am I to question why, a poem wants to soar
    about the sky and through the clouds, and surf a moonbeam’s ray?

    A well-thumbed book sits on a shelf, with rhymes for ev’ry word,
    Another way to capture words, and lock them on a page.
    But, who am I to question why, a poem wants to fly?
    I’ll sit back and watch the show, ‘cause I don’t write poetry.

    • Tis our delight in your Diggerel, your words ever forming, whether it be rhyme or not. Words are for expression whether read or written, to be cornered in form is a form of prison, when all we want is to be free. Besides the chores will be there tomorrow, words unwritten will flee to another and another until they are written down.

    • I especially love the last three paragraphs.

  19. Ahhhh…I know what you mean. I rush around the house doing only the chores I absolutely must do. Besides working 32 hours away from home and working out at NorthPointe several hours a week, my free time is precious. No matter how busy my day has been, I always make time for posting to my blog, reading my favorites and commenting to nearly all of them.

    You’ve done a fine job here with your writing. Non-rhyming verse is my bag too. The freedom it allows is, well, freeing.

  20. I especially love these lines:
    There’s beauty in the scenery when words are free to go
    Any where they want to be, and tell us what they see.

  21. I believe I better get my snow boots out! We’re expecting up to a foot of snow in the next several hours.

    If seeing is believing, I’m convinced we’re in for it. So far we have two inches and the day is young.

    I love it! The magic of falling snow lifts my heart and inspires me to believe in the unbelievable.

    Here’s hoping you’re all choosing to let the upcoming holidays fill your hearts and minds with lightness and warmth.

  22. While going through some notes from BWW I ran across the candle prompt. I’ve cleaned it up and posted it to my blog today.

    Yet another testimony to the value of keeping every word you write. One day those words may blossom and take on a new form. What once started as a descriptive project turned into a reflection of the love bond between a mother and child.

    • When I read your blog post today, I thought of that first assignment in BWW. Those were the good old days, weren’t they?

      • I’m back in class, starting Ann’s Business Writing class today. A goal I put down for work this year. I don’t expect I’ll be writing about candles but ya never know.

  23. Queen of Diggerel?
    Diggety, doggety, doo.
    Queen of Doggerel,
    Diggety, doggety, dell.


  24. Walk,

    Good for you. It’s about time you got down to business!


    Hot diggety dog!

  25. Along with Walk, I’m back haunting the halls of ed2go. Having set myself an ambitious task for the coming winter months, the new course “Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book” came along at a most serendipitous time. While I expect it to contain a rehash of items covered in other courses, it does promise to discuss forms of publishing that I’ve been considering. POD–print on demand–is what interests me as I have friends who have gone that route. I don’t think I could handle agent/publisher rejection.

    My project for the winter is to go back through everything I’ve written in the last three and a half years to see if there are enough stories there for a collection, a collection I wouldn’t be totally mortified to have my name on in a book. Big job. Potentially ego-blasting job. Anyway, I’m back in school.

    • It’ll be a mighty big book if it’s to hold all your worthwhile stories. You’ll have to sell it with wheels attached so readers can deal with its great size.

      • I agree with Shaddy! What a challenge ahead to select stories from your vast archives of truly awesome and inspiring work. Good Luck!

        I also signed up for a new class. I’ve been buried under far too much analytical junk lately and figured this would be a good way to get the fires burning again.

  26. I hope the classes provide each one of you with lots of good info to propel you forward in your writing endeavors.

  27. I believe
    And I grieve
    For those
    Who don’t
    They don’t

  28. I believe….

    …that even though no one is posting, we are all still checking.

    …that Ann will come up with another toy for us to play with, and soon. (notice how I didn’t end that sentence with a preposition?)

    …that 920Writers has fallen by the wayside in favor of this warm, cozy coffeeshop where we all gather.

    …that I better get back to the six projects I started today–the ones in various stages of completion–or I won’t be able to sleep tonight because some of them involve housework.

    …that Jerome K. Jerome was right when he said, “It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.”

    …that Walk is writing a bodice-ripper, or a story about really clumsy people.

    …that Shaddy has a major novel on her hands.

    …and I don’t know what the rest of you are doing.

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