“Writing Essentials” is Now Available Online!

My new online class, Writing Essentials, went online today.  If you have any interest is brushing up on the basics of word usage, punctuation, spelling, sentence writing, paragraphing, and more–check it out at www.ed2go.com

I’m excited!

20 responses to ““Writing Essentials” is Now Available Online!

  1. Good Luck! I hope it goes well.

    I think that the class is a little to basic for me. However, if you offer a more advanced class, I would be interested in taking it.

  2. Do you think I would benefit from this class, Ann?

  3. Regarding ed2go classes, I checked a few different facilitators and found I could pay as little as $99 or as much as $139.

    Blackhawk Technical Institute in Janesville, WI has Ann’s class for $99.

  4. Portland Community College offers it for $95. http://www.ed2go.com/portlandcc/ 🙂

  5. Ann,

    My best wishes for you and this class. I am sure you will inspire thousands, as you did in BWW.

  6. I wish it was something I needed…I miss the class I took with you so much…it changed my life!

  7. Ann,
    Congratulations! I’m sure it’s going to be a great class and I plan on joining one of the upcoming sessions.
    Your BWW class opened up a whole new world for me! Not in ways I would have imagined but in wonderfully surprising ways. Someday I’ll have to write about it.
    BTW, I take all my ed2go courses through Tulsa Tech, for $79.

  8. Here’s the link that will take you directly to the Ed2Go via Tulsa Tech.

  9. Hi Ann,
    The University of Western Australia wasn’t going to offer your class as they felt it was more geared to American English. I sent them an email requesting it and they came through for me. I’ll be signing up for the session that starts in Sept. Their price is higher than the prices in America but I want to support them. Besides, it’s easier for me to pay in Oz dollars as that’s what my paycheck comes it. I really enjoyed your BWW and am looking forward to the new class.

  10. Joann,
    This is such good news. When you finish the class, will you enter an evaluation that addresses the issue of whether the class would be helpful to Australian residents or is to “American”? I would really appreciate your take on that question.
    Hope you find it helpful! –Ann

  11. I’d be happy to do so! Funny thing is that after six years of living here I sometimes get my Aussie words mixed up with my American ones. It’s great fun learning and playing with the nuances of the “English” language. I’m looking forward to the class and suspect we all can learn something. I’ll be sure to take on the question of too American when I finish the course.

  12. Hi Ann! I’m in your class this semester–paid $65 through Fayetteville Technical Community College (non-ed distance courses). I think I may have even chatted with Joann because there is an Aussie in class and she’s the first person from there I’ve ever met!!

    I have to say I love the course so far. There has been so much I’ve learned just in the first 4 lessons. It’s a great beginner course though I really wish there was more “Ann” time–lol.

  13. I’m so happy you have met an Aussie in Ann’s new class. I am going to sign up for the session in Sept so it isn’t me you’ve been chatting with. Of course, now that we are chatting you have officially met two Aussies (although I am American as well….)!

  14. I’m glad this class is getting good reviews and that it’s helpful. That was my goal!

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