New Challenge: Odd Partners

Below you will find two lists of names, representing famous pairs or couples.  I have numbered the two lists.  Don’t read them yet.  Just pick a number between one and 25, and a second number between 26 and 50. 

Use the first number to find your character from the first list and the second number to find your other character from the second list.  These two are meeting somewhere (you pick the highly original place) and are having a conversation.   I sure wonder how that will go….

 List 1

  1. Lone Ranger
  2. Bert (from Sesame Street)
  3. Lucille Ball
  4. Rocky the Squirrel
  5. Stan Laurel
  6. Santa Claus
  7. Hitler
  8. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  9. Mickey Mouse
  10. Dr. Jekyll
  11. Tom Sawyer
  12. Joe DiMaggio
  13. Bill Clinton
  14. Cleopatra
  15. Queen Elizabeth I
  16. Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride and Prejudice)
  17. Ahab (from Moby Dick)
  18. Johnnie Carson
  19. Hansel
  20. Snow White
  21. Sherlock Holmes
  22. The Roadrunner
  23. Henry VIII
  24. Scrooge
  25. Cinderella

List 2 

26. Tonto

27. Ernie (from Sesame Street)

28. Ricky Ricardo

29. Bullwinkle

30. Oliver Hardy

31. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

32. Mussolini

33. Eleanor Roosevelt

34. Minnie Mouse

35. Mr. Hyde

36. Becky Thatcher

37. Marilyn Monroe

38. Hillary Rodham Clinton

39. Caesar

40. Mary Queen of Scots

41. Mr. Darcy (of Pride and Prejudice)

42. Moby Dick

43. Ed MacMahon

44. Gretel

45. The Seven Dwarves

46. Doctor Watson

47. Wylie Coyote

48. Ann Bolyn

49. The Ghost of Christmas Past

50. Prince Charming

15 responses to “New Challenge: Odd Partners

  1. Tonto and Stan Laurel meet at the Y. Both are riding the recumbent bikes.

    “You got some strange kemo sabe, Mr. Stan.”

    “Oh, Ollie’s not that strange. He’s really a sensitive guy.” Stan waves shyly to Ollie over on the treadmill.

    “Him could use heap more exercise. Look! Him only run few minutes on moving street and already him sweating like pig. Him going to ruin nice suit.”

    “Well, I’ll admit he probably should’ve worn the jogging clothes I bought for him, but he’s used to his black suit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear anything else. You’re lucky the Ranger seems to have adapted well. Wherever did you find rubber soled cowboy boots?”

    “Wal-Mart have big supply. Good thing. Him have really big feet.”

    “He doesn’t look very happy, though.”

    “Him pretty upset. They make him leave Silver outside with motor cars. Him make mistake and tie Silver to shiny metal bar on back of big square one. Motor car begin to move and it take over hour to catch up riding together on my pony.”

    “Oh! Oh my, how frightening!”

    “What you and Mr. Ollie do for fun?”

    “Well, not a whole lot. Ollie’s a bit physically challenged, as you can see. This is his first time in a gym.”

    “Him not going to have much good time. Him not talk to anyone.”

    “He is rather particular about his friends. Your Ranger buddy over there seems to be making new friends,” Stan points across the gym at the Lone Ranger chatting up a cute blonde on the ellipticals. “Doesn’t it bother you when he talks to strange women?”

    “Nah. They think him mask pretty sexy but when they find out him sleep with big white horse, they leave pretty quick.”

  2. Now I’m inspired to try my own exercise. Love the big white horse!

  3. I’m off, guys. No time left to play this round. Check in with y’all when I return from China and Tibet, unless I defect and join the Tibetan resistance….

  4. It’s an opera:

    (Caesar, in full toga, is pacing his villa, back and forth, hands clasped behind his back, deep in thought. He sings.) “My heart, my heart. I am bereft and empty. Oh where is meaning!”

    (Lucille Ball enters stage right, wearing a rhumba outfit with pineapples on her head and big ruffles on her sleeves. Her skirt is high on one side, displaying her chunky platform sandals. She holds two maracas and shakes them to her melodic response.) “Ay yi yi! You gotta cha cha cha! Life is a big vat of grapes, and we will stomp them together, oh man of destiny.”

    (Caesar stops pacing and looks around, confused. Still singing, but quietly now, so Lucy can’t hear. ) “Author! Author! I think I’ve been deux ex machina’ed into the wrong play. This personage can never win my heart. Has there been a tragic mistake?”

    (Ann pops up in the orchestra pit and stomps onto the stage, very crabby. She flings out her hands and sings, appealing to the audience with her gestures.) “What evil wretch has cast me on these wretched shores? (Ann puts the back of one wrist to her forehead.) “I could have had roly poly Santa Claus or someone clever like Sherlock Holmes for this challenge. But no goofing around for me! (She pulls an Ipad out of her big pocket.) “Oh blessed Internet. Grant me a second chance! I beg you.” (She falls to her knees, weeping.)

    (Lucille Ball cha cha’s over to Ann, maracas clicking and shaking.) “Would you like to cha cha cha?” (She demonstrates a few steps.)

    (Caesar throws up his hands and stalks off stage singing.) “I have a date with fate. Oh evil fortune, to land me thusly.”)

    (Ann sits up and waves in frustration at the conductor to silence the operatic score. She walks to the edge of the stage. She speaks without singing.) “Do you know ‘Beat me Daddy, Eight to the Bar’ by Hoagy Carmichael?”

    (The conductor smiles broadly and cues the bass who begins the eight bar blues riff. The orchestra joins in.)

    (Ann and Lucy do a wild jitterbug, shaking the first finger of their right hands back and forth in the air as they dance off the stage.)

    The End.

  5. Crazeee Mama! The gestures truly win the prize (back of her hand to her forehead and forefingers shaking during the jitterbug). This is great fun.

  6. Snow White and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    Snow White ordered another strawberry marguerita and kicked off her slippers. Jamaica was everything she’d dreamed it would be and more. Gazing at the never-ending stretch of sand, she promised herself she’d walk barefoot along the beach later that afternoon.
    She took a sip of her drink and immediately felt cool all over, especially cool and a bit wet at the back of her neck. She reached over her shoulder to wipe off the moisture just in time to see her date pulling his tongue back in his mouth and smacking his lips.
    “Good grief, Rudy. Control yourself. I’m not one of those sleezy does you hang out with up North.”
    “Thank God for that. I didn’t travel all the way down here to get more fur stuck between my teeth. I came for some skin, sweet Snow White skin.”
    “I heard about you at last year’s Disney reunion in Cancun. You may have starred as a one-of-a-kind reindeer but you made a pitiful ass of yourself with Tinkerbell. ”
    “Forget about what you’ve heard. You look like a women who has outgrown hanging out on the playground with seven dwarves. You deserve some quality time with a real stud; I’m the one for you.”
    “You’re sadly mistaken, my friend. I’m here for my first tan ever. Can you even imagine how excited I am about that? If you want to spend time with me, I suggest you start packing sunscreen on that bright red thing on your face.”

  7. I got a good chuckle out of that one, Shaddy. Sunscreen, magueritas, reindeer tongue, and sleezy does! Firing on all thrusters here!

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