This Story Needs to be Continued…

Artie pointed his rusty pickup truck toward the end of the driveway and shoved the floor shift into first gear.  He pulled a malfunctioning pen from behind his ear and jabbed it randomly at a page in the 2008 Road Atlas that was open to the map of the U.S.  St. Matthews Passion by Bach burst into his ears on his Ipod.  Old truck, expensive coffee—his own blend, his special grinder, the hottest purest water, and the slow drip.  He fingered the case of darts in his top pocket.  Okay, Montreal it was.  Slightly outside the lower 48, but he’d never been there, and the ride up from Marinette would be colorful this time of year.

5 responses to “This Story Needs to be Continued…

  1. I’m doing NaNoWriMo 2010. I can’t even take the time to read this writing prompt. Hopefully, I won’t write my own demise into my novel and will return after November.

  2. I’m back from China and Tibet, but still in Arizona right now. I’ll be along one of these days. Going to see Kartchner Caverns tomorrow.

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