What are you writing these days?

I enjoy the postings I get to read from those who take the writing challenges here. I’d also like to hear what you’re working on and writing for yourself. Please share a description of any of your current writing projects, your blog or web address, and any news on your writing that you care to share! I’d love to get an update, and I’m sure others would too. What’s up?

28 responses to “What are you writing these days?

  1. Blogging at: http://gullible-gulliblestravels.blogspot.com

    I have some stories from China and Tibet to tell, as well as about hiking around the Grand Canyon this fall.

    I’m also taking an ed2go class, Photoshop Elements 6.

    And, I’m trying to figure out what to do with the 7000 plus photos on my hard drive. My computer’s a mess. Photos all over the place, and no system to organize them. Well, not exactly true. I have both Picasa and Photoshop Elements with organizers included, and don’t know which to use. Don’t know enough about each program to know how to properly use them. Picasa, for example, dis-organizes my photos however it pleases without many visible opportunities for my input.

    I’ve even considered buying a new computer and starting from scratch. I’ve saved all the flash cards with the original photos, so I can do that. Sounds like a life’s work, though.

    The muse is getting antsy. I know her and can feel the anxiety building. She wants to write something serious, rather than the self-deprecating stuff that winds up on the blog.

    Instead, I think I’ll go finish “Sh*t My Dad Says.”


    • I know what you mean about the muse getting ansy. I sit at the computer a lot, doing the online classes, and sometimes I just have to write. Somehow I’ve lost interest in journalling, and want to make stuff up. Maybe that’s why I like this blog–I get to play.

      I’ll have to stop by your blog and read about your trips, G. I admire your adventurous spirit.

  2. I participated in NaNoWriMo and reached the 50,000 word goal as I’d hoped. I’m doing a bit of editing although I know I should wait a while before I really get into it heavy.

    I’ve still got my blog which I really enjoy.

    How about you Anne? What are writing for fun these days?

    • Shaddy, you should put in your blog address so we can all stop by. I think it’s so great you are doing NaNoMo. Twice, isn’t it?

      The fun stuff is what I do here. I’m also helping edit a children’s book my sister wrote before she died. I finally finished writing my third online class, and I’m contemplating thinking through how to find about two hours a day to focus on and finalize finish my two novels. (I also need to kick my agent and get her in gear.) One is mostly done (Infinite Possibilities) but needs one more review. The follow up is drafted but needs hefty revision. Thanks for asking!

      • Oh, Anne, you are a busy, busy lady. I’m sorry you lost your sister. So she was a writer too!
        Your third online class? Pray tell what we may expect.
        Best wishes to you as you work on your novels.

    • I entered my blog site here so I hope it appears now.

      • Clicking on Shaddy will get you to my blog.

      • The third online class is a basic skills class called Writing Essentials. Instead of writing BWW Part 2, I just goof around here. Less stressful. Plus I get to think up fun writing challenges.

  3. Blog http://Parrot-Writes.blogspot.com/
    Since taking your BWW class in Oct of 2009, I have taken 3 more writing classes ( Childrens, Mystery and Romance) on line. I have enjoyed them, but not as much as your class! I still have two friends I made in the BWW class that I correspond with weekly.
    I responded to some prompts on your blog shortly after the BWW class and through that have met some of the greatest people that I enjoy and respect tremendously. Through their encouragement, I started my own writing blog “Parrot Writes” and will soon celebrate my 1yr Bolgiversary in January. I very much appreciate and enjoy participating in the prompts from this site (Ouija poetry ?-who knew??)
    I used the outcome of the galumping exercise in my BWW class for the basis of the novel I wrote in NaNoWri Mo month this year. My galumping numbers equated to Gardener- Museum- Ring. There are a few samples of the story on my blog. It is very rough, but I’m excited about the story and will take on the editing process in January. An idea for a second novel came from a writing prompt issues by you in Jan 2010 by closing your eyes and dropping your pen on a page of text, then using that sentence in your post. That resulted in Jessie’s Dream, which I plan to use for a short story.
    Thank you Ann, for initiating me into this wonderful (and sometimes hair-pulling) world of writing.

  4. It’s wonderful that you did NaNoWriMo, Parrot. You have lots of writing projects, and that’s great. I agree that there is hair pulling involved in all of this. My own image of those difficult moments is being slammed into the back corner of my study after I get a critique that has more negatives than positives. After a while, I realize that the suggestions are worth more than the praise, and I recover. Ah our poor little egos. But we persevere, and we grow. There’s nothing quite like it, is there?

  5. Besides the fun I have here, I have my blog which I hit once or twice a month now. I have two wips that I haven’t found much time for lately. I’ve been working OT since April and when I get home, I usually don’t feel like looking at the computer screen. Maybe this winter, with less outside chores to do, I can become more consistant.

  6. I periodically work on my story about spending summers with my grandmother and four, then three, then two of my cousins and my sister in a tiny cottage along the Fox River in southern Wisconsin. The overall theme is the contrast between the way I was raised and the way people raise children today. I have chapter headings and every once in a while I fill in memories that are appropriate to that chapter. Of late I’ve written several essays that have apparently been rejected since I never received any word one way or another. However, I have had two pieces accepted. The first, Possible Dreams, is about my mother. It will be published soon in Patchwork Path’s anthology, A Mother’s Life. The second piece I received final confirmation for a few days ago is called Mending Hearts. It will appear in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s book, My Dog’s Life, coming out in April. If you can somehow provide an address where I can mail a copy, Ann, I’d like to send it to you. You see this story evolved from one I began to write as an exercise in my very first creative writing class. I had a kind, understanding teacher who gave truly constructive critiques and encouragement. Her name is Ann Linquist.

  7. I’m still hiding out in Pago Pago, but next time I’m on the mainland, I’ll stop by Barnes and Noble and look for “My Dog’s Life.” Good for you! Having spent quite a bit of time in Wisconsin, I can imagine that your story has a lot of good scenic beauty to work with. Love the Fox River! I think Shaddy is down that way–Racine? Thanks for the kind words, BB.

    • Pago Pago??? I thought you’d just moved into a new home in San Diego.

    • I really mean it, Ann. You’ll never know how terrified I felt signing up for that first class. My hands were shaking when I logged in for the first time. I was used to my art instructors who used to regularly chew me into teensy little pieces and I expected the same. As I went on to other writing instructors after your class, I also found out that not everyone puts nearly as much effort into evaluations of student submissions as you do. I began to suspect that one teacher didn’t really know the reasons why peoples’ grammar should be changed. You were always specific. I know that takes a lot of effort and I will be forever grateful.

  8. Wow! San Diego! No. Pago Pago is just a joke I had with Sandra Dee (where is she these days? Does anyone know?). Yes we moved, but not to San Diego (wonder where that came from?).

  9. Ann, I like what you’ve done with the place!

    My old friends! How the heck have you been? I’ve missed you and thought of you often during my latest journey and sojourn from writing creatively. It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it sometime when I make the time to write it all down.

    I’ve been keeping up (almost) with my journaling. And I’ve been writing lots of change of address notifications (to give you a hint).

    I’m glad you’re all still goofing around. And Walk, thanks for leaving the comment on the Oeuf that got me off my cyber-ass and back to Ann’s space!

  10. I’m blogging as Nancy Drew Too at http://natasha.edcentric.org/ Come visit if you haven’t been by yet!

    The story I started during BWW (spring 2008?) was published and I am working on a couple other stories in that series that may turn into either a short story collection or the beginnings of a novel.

    I just finished NaNoWriMo for the second year. My 2009 opus has been in hibernation for a couple of months but I hope to pick it up again. (Can you hum ‘stuck in the middle’?) My 2010 NaNo work is a mystery, Pelican Island, and I am taking a breather before beginning a heavy edit/rewrite in January.

    Have an essay in the latest Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, which I think is a wonderful journal: http://www.deadmule.com/

    If you click on ESSAYS and scroll down to Natasha Drew, then click on Make It about the Money, you’ll find it.

    In addition to all that I learned in your class, Ann, I was lucky enough to meet a fine crew of blogging buddies there as well. Thanks to all of you!

  11. Nice job, Natasha! Great characterization.

  12. Oops! Post haste got me again… I mean on the Dead Mule piece, of course!

  13. Hi Ann and everyone else! Since BWW in April (thank you Ann) and Writing Essentials in Oct (I finally feel confident using commas), I’ve been working on a series of creative nonfiction stories, signed up for a fiction class, and joined a local writer’s group. I’m writing a lot but stand in awe at all your accomplishments.

    I have found a contest for a creative nonfiction essay that seems made for one of my stories. My struggle is the rules say a max of 4000 words and I don’t have nearly that many. Could any of you lend me some wisdom? What min number of words would you presume if none is stated? I don’t want to submit something that isn’t right but also don’t want to ruin a good story by trying to add words. Thanks heaps!

  14. I am working on a book, something I have been off and on with for several years. It’s finally starting to flow correctly though I’ll admit with things that have happened in my life as of late, I have not been able to devote the time to it that I’d like. I have also written a few poems.

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