What Do You Want?

There’s a line in the movie, Fields of Dreams where Kevin Costner’s character and his hero, the 60’s counter-culture author played by James Earl Jones, are at a Boston Red Sox baseball game. Costner turns to his hero and asks him, “What do you want?” Costner is talking about a food order, but the writer thinks Costner is asking a more global question. The writer answers honestly, naming immediate life goals.

I always liked that line. “What do you want?” Since you are all writers, I wonder what you want. Maybe a better question is to combine the two issues. “Why do you write? What do you want?”

17 responses to “What Do You Want?

  1. I only started to write last year, with any purpose. I had always liked to draw or paint, but had stopped when I had my son. I had started to read some poetry, and it prompted me to take an online poetry writing course. I like so much to play with words. At times, the thoughts seem to flow out, as if channeled and my fingers fly across the keyboard. That’s the best. Ann and the poetry instructor have emphasized the importance of writing every day and that is so true. No matter how long, even if it’s just one though expressed in a single sentence, it continues the flow. Everyone has something to say and I like going back and reading something that I’ve written a while ago. I maybe standing in a different place, with different thoughts at the moment I’m reading, and it gives me an understanding of where I was at the time, and where I’ve come.

    What do I want from writing? It’s just a wonderful, creative companion that is always with me and is me.

  2. I write for the release of emotion. I write to bring to text that which I cannot say aloud. I write to share the love and anger I have felt. I write to impress and hope for a brighter tomorrow. I write for the sake of writing and wonder if it is good enough for more than just my own sake. I too believe that writing through time is a patent of self evolution. I will admit that in times past I have felt stiffled and uninterested. The wonders of life tend to change ones viewpoint and as of late I have felt inspired. It is as if a flood of self revelation has broken free within me and I am taken aback, seeking an avenue of release.

    • You make a good point about finding the wonder again through writing. When I began writing again, it was as if I found a self that I had thought sadly lost. Or perhaps it’s finding a path that I’d once trodden that I’d strayed from and now was relieved to discover was still moving ahead in a way that made me feel like I was growing and getting somewhere.

  3. I write to be myself. In this world of political correctness running wide, where people playing games, where you have to be this way in this situation, and this way in another, writing lets out those hidden “me’s”. At the time I may feel like being a lover, a fighter, and sometimes a Midnight Rider (sounds like a good lyric for a song), but whatever I’m dreaming of at that moment is what I write. To yourself be true, let the others eat cake.

    • I think that lyric lurking in your memory is “I’m a lover, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker.” Can’t remember the band. Yours is just as good.,

  4. I write because doing so allows me to express myself fully. I can get my thoughts out without interruption and without a sense that others aren’t interested. I can write whatever I want. I can go back and read it, tweek it here or there and finally sit back and savor a sense of simple satisfaction.

    For most of my life, I’ve read books. I thought writing was something only “especially gifted” people could do well. I secretly wished I was one of those people.

    Now I know that I also am a writer. My level of self-respect has climbed up a rung and I’m enjoying life more fully from my new vantage point.

    • This makes sense to me, that self respect grows out of writing. It’s as if a core in your center has been strengthened, and you also can see that it will continue to grow stronger.

  5. I want a place to play! To put interesting words in an amusing order or make fun of the true but absurd.

    I want to remember. To strengthen the memory of lost loved ones or my little ones (who aren’t so little anymore)

    I want to rant. To blow off steam or gain understanding of everything that irritates me.

    I want to honor. The world is so full of beauty. Not just in nature but the beautiful stories that expose a tenacious temperament, a miracle meeting, or a sweet soul.

    • Good thoughts: play, remember, rant, and honor. I’m especially fond of the idea of honoring since it is a gift to others as well as one to yourself.

  6. Ummmmm…. Maybe someday I can answer this, but first: Does anyone know if there’s such a thing as Spider Solitaire Anonymous? Or, even better, Final Word Anonymous? The last one is a free Kindle word game from Amazon, and I am hooked big, bad time. It’s like Word Scramble.

  7. Writing for me is cathartic and relaxing, fun and at times, exciting. I’m a step-mom. There have been times during the past quarter century when family dynamics were to put it nicely, difficult. I quickly learned that sharing my frustrations with my husband only stressed us both more. So, I took up journaling. After spending years filling journals only I will ever read, I now write to share my point of view, my experiences and memories of my life with others. In all honesty, my writing goal is to be published. Many people write for the mere joy of doing so. I find the rush I get when some editor validates my work by choosing to publish it addictive.

  8. I have no doubt that you will find many places to publish your work. It is a nice feeling!

  9. Ann, Want to see some awesome photos? See my blog, Grand Canton Journals, Chapter Nine and Ten. That’s what I’ve been up to… (ellipses 🙂 ).

  10. Writing is the way I imagine, create, and illuminate clarity for myself. Maybe my words can do so for others, too, some day.

    Having lived my life as a classic example of Julia Cameron’s Shadow Artist, I am just now able to articulate that creative writing is what I most want to do. Afraid to expose my dream to light, I have danced around writing without taking the plunge–that is, until I took Ann’s Beginning Writer’s Workshop. I have been writing as much as I can ever since.

    The road ahead is long for this beginner. Quitting my day job is not an option, but I know where my heart lies. I look forward to the oodles of journal entries, writing exercises, rough drafts, and critiques that await me. I appreciate this forum where I can continually learn from other writers.

  11. I like that phrase “illuminate clarity.” You write to discover what you mean. My favorite circle.

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