Ouija Words

Meaning!  Yes, writers seek it, working to turn chaos into sense.  In Ouija poetry (see previous postings) you turned random letters and symbols into poetry—a surprising outcome that showed you that there’s more than you realize in those random gestures you made on your keyboard. 

Now try this two step exercise.  First, take the challenge of writing out at least two lines of meaningless words.  They cannot connect in any way.  Writing without any meaning at all is tough, but I’m sure you can do it.  Try that now.

Here’s mine: 

Girls carpeting BMW eat sidewalks though PERIOD bone-dry stuff ago; even then.  Rascal advocating pins surely earlobe store-bought when is?  Superior white spokes wheaties nevertheless stucco stuns. 

Next, decide that indeed there are connections in this random string of nonsense.  Find some.  Put together a paragraph that utilizes all the words you’ve put in your efforts for part 1.

We girls are shopping for carpeting.  Our BMWs are outside while we eat at the sidewalk café.  Though living in this mock period piece, this bone dry era echoing long ago times, we buy the mindless stuff we all feel we need, even then.  Like that TV rascal advocating diamond pins for our multi-pierced earlobes, not store bought but hand crafted when possible.  Is this superior living?  Are white athlete spokespersons for Wheaties our true heroes?  Nevertheless, our lovely stucco home stuns the neighbors.

Optional Step: 

Well dang.  That’s not me, so I’ll revise once more to make this my own.  This time, I get to use whatever words I want to make sense of this nonsense.

I once had a used BMW with a stick shift that was a blast to drive.  I couldn’t afford the repair bills, though, and sold it.  John and I took the money and went to Paris where we learned that sidewalk cafes are all about sucking up other people’s car exhaust.  Now we drive a thrifty Honda, but still fall prey to random purchases of things we don’t really need.  I’ll take all the diamonds I can get though.  Superior stones in my book.  White, shiny, stunning.  But like the BMW and the Honda, I find that I mostly end up with rhinestones.

12 responses to “Ouija Words

  1. Here’s mine. I’m not so sure the words were so unrelated once I started putting them together but I loved where they took me!

    Boys bag cup stove newspaper dog painting photos calculator running pencil time bed hallway computer magnet pajamas brick motor birds grass neighbor lists sunlight

    I sit on my bed, computer on my lap, in pajamas. A cup of coffee from the stove rests on the table beside me. I hold a pencil and calculator in my hand. Sunlight shines through the window, birds outside sing to each other, and a neighbor from the brick house across the road mows his grass with a noisy motor. I look up when the dog barks and watch boys walk down the street. They pull newspapers from their bag and drop one on each lawn. Down the hallway, magnets attach to do lists and children’s paintings to the refrigerator. Photos sit on the top. Time is running out.

    • I can smell the grass! Considering I’m in Wisconsin and it’s about zero degrees farenheit here that’s really saying something. Fun bit of writing!

  2. BTW, I’m in Australia so it’s not really 4:45 AM when I posted this!

  3. Clock bear portly simple fire that empty situation above drapery alcove when to this quit music. Don’t magazine remotely sample ball do lift to sleep down bakery sweat clarify rest rock fret tumble free fortify.

    As I read that magazine in front of the fire, I drift off to sleep. My simple dreams don’t remotely relate to anything in reality. Strange music wafts from behind a drapery as I lift a ball above my head. I quit when I am covered in sweat and feel the need to rest. I finally do put the ball down beside the rock on the table but fret it may slip free and tumble to the floor or bounce on top of the portly bear that sits in the alcove underneath the clock. I feel empty and need to go to the bakery to fortify myself with samples loaded with copious amounts of sugar and fat! Can anyone clarify this situation for me?

    This is hysterical, Ann! I’m really beginning to see the connection here because when I put it together it actually makes a little sense. I went to the gym this morning and didn’t eat much breakfast, so now I’m hungry again!

  4. My words were: Through the dampness car fax toothbrushes to the mailbox relive jobs done crazy lemons. Imagine glasses colored dreary worldly undone for today next advertisement runs toward redheaded gleam.

    It made this mess:
    Imagine the dreary jobs of today if they were done by redheads with lemon colored glasses. Would mailboxes gleam with the dampness of winter and still contain advertisements for cars and toothbrushes?

    If we could relive the worldly past and undo this crazy run forward, perhaps all of our communication would be done through fax.

    • Very humorous. Loved the redheads with lemon colored glasses. I think if all our communications were done through fax that it might be a more peaceful world! 🙂

  5. Sorry. I’ll sit this one out. It requires entirely too much thought for so early in the year.

  6. You’ve ALL done a super job with this challenge. Three cheers for each of you and your adventurous creative spirits.

  7. Meaningless words: Carpets stony library controversial madness dessert studious marshmallows.Stunning levers ripped clothes marked living crops mended.

    My creation: The carpets in the library were sticky as if marshmallows from someone’s dessert had been spilled. The stony faced and controversial librarian’s shoes stuck to the floor and she exhibited madness in spite of her studious demeanor. It was stunning to watch her grab for marked levers in an attempt to regain her balance while staggering in her ripped and mended clothes. After all, her husband did his best to make a living with crops.

  8. Clever and interesting too! Staggering in ripped and mended clothes. Good job Shaddy!

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