Boundaries and Edges

I have been thinking a lot about boundaries and edges.  Please help me build this list. 


Shorelines, hairlines, fence lines, finish lines.

The moment night turns to day.

When rage becomes a slap.

Dreaming into waking.

Alsace Lorraine

Mason Dixon Line

Living living living living living living, dead.

The shoulder of the highway.

Waves breaking onto hard rock.

The moment you hear you’re pregnant.


31 responses to “Boundaries and Edges

  1. Barbara Burris


    The air sucking moment the doctor tells you your baby is dead.

    The sharp crack as the judge’s gavel hits the block pronouncing you divorced.

    Walking out of your boss’ office right after you’ve been laid off.

    The sharp edge of a rock cliff.

    The palpable silence at the end of a symphony.

    A black wall of rain as it steadily crosses an open field.

  2. Shuffling through the ropes at the airport

    Crossing a bridge

    Being hugged by someone

    When the doors to the elevator closes

    Sidewalks and yards


    Standing at the top of stairs looking into the darkness of the basement

    When resentment turns into forgiveness/indifference

    Considering a drink after AA and 20 years clean

    When you find evidence of a cheating spouse

    The acceptance letter to the college of your dreams

    Hand full of pills and an empty house

    Your first bonus check and it’s $30k!

  3. What amazes me is how each line each of you has shared could be story.
    The first time I went canoeing we struck out for the center of the lake, but quickly came back to the edge. It was on the boundary between land and water that all the most interesting vegetation and animals were found. We felt as if we were the readers of an amazing story.

    I hope to hear more boundaries and edges!

  4. The lawn and my flower bed
    Airplane lift-off or landing
    Diving into a pool
    “I do”
    The silence after a gunshot
    Bicycle lanes
    Hurricane path
    “No” to my grandchild
    “No thank you”
    My father’s last breath
    Cake and icing
    A memory just out of reach

  5. As moments, edges can be swift as the warrior’s sword, cutting quick, severing past from present in a nanosecond. Or they can be as an unkept blade, pressing long and deep before releasing what was once entangled.

    Conception – Consciousness
    Bang to Crunch – time, and time again
    Ignorance conquered by knowledge.
    Hope – Lost
    Anger – Forgiveness

    When the officer at your door removes his cap.
    When the doctor cuts the umbilical cord and one becomes two.
    Still water rippled by a single tear.
    Trust – broken
    Grace – Judgment

  6. DS – your sharp swords speak to me and illicit an image.

  7. The line between fidelity and infidelity, truth and dishonesty, honor and dishonor.

  8. the edge of the ice
    foam floating on liquid
    the skin of an apple
    cuticles and fingernails
    where the hammer meets the nail
    crisp black sunset silhouettes
    orange cones
    yellow tape
    the front row and the stage
    laughter dissolving into tears
    the crust on a loaf of bread
    a big soap bubble
    reaching orgasm
    yeah, I know you all were thinking that…

  9. when a casual conversation with a casual acquaintance rolls into TMI (Too Much Information)
    the icy wall of a cold shoulder
    opening a new window to the world
    the line crossed by a personal space invader
    a creek snaking thru the woods
    the sound of tearing paper – a new edge is born
    The Grand Canyon
    awkward silence
    tan line
    Great Aunt Mabel’s bright red lipstick

    • I have such an irrational fear of the Grand Canyon…all those ledges and edges.
      Tan lines was a great one too, but Great Aunt Mabel made me laugh out loud.

  10. Rows of cornfields and the edge of the highway
    Lines of print and the page margin

    • I live in Indiana. Love that you mention cornfields. I get mesmerized when you can see the rows, but can’t when driving past a large field.

  11. writing on notebook paper
    keeping right of the yellow dash highway center line
    government regulations
    wearing a wedding band
    the waistline of my jeans
    lines of a coloring book
    daughter’s diary
    a friend’s confidence
    cell company’s contract

  12. tightrope
    self-confidence / arrogance
    dedicated employee / white-collar criminal
    spousal devotion / battered wife
    adorable little quirks / infuriating childish behaviors
    satisfaction / overindulgence

  13. Apathy/ depression
    Busy / overwhelmed
    Shelter from the pouring rain
    Glass wall at an aquarium
    No trespassing sign
    Writing or drawing in pencil versus non-erasible pen
    Clicking “send”
    Turning off the computer or TV

    • Nice list! Clicking “send” really spoke to me. I’ve sat with my finger on the mouse unsure, afraid, and excited many times before that fateful click.

  14. The end of fantasy and ignorance and the edge of reality.

  15. The brim of a floppy hat
    The moment the fireworks begin to fade
    An old-fashioned barber’s razor blade
    The velvet rope
    The touch that could be an embrace, but isn’t
    A coral reef
    The curve of a feather
    The tremendous strain of silence when angry or hurt

  16. Testing the new waters of a writer’s blog
    Railroad tracks
    Black and white cinema
    Links in a chain
    Caste System
    The moment you can stop yourself hurtling down the mountain on skis
    Hot peppers
    Railroad tracks

  17. I know I put train tracks down twice but the second one was for the train going in the other direction.

  18. Photo Finish
    Uncontrolled giggles at a funeral
    The A Bomb
    Clown make-up
    Choloesterol level
    The confessional
    Lift Off
    Baby’s first word or step
    Putting green
    Stained glass window
    High water mark
    Piano keys
    Smile -VS- Smirk
    A 12 year old boy’s voice
    A cold front
    Longitude and Latitude
    Kneeling and standing
    My Nana’s girdle

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