Sarah’s Book TV Clip

I hope that everyone who bought one of my sister Sarah’s Christmas books, Onward is Best,  enjoyed it.  Perhaps you also checked out the book’s website at   Here is a link to a TV report on Sarah and her book, shown on the PBS station in St. Louis, Missouri.  It’s a very well done piece, so if you found the book intriguing, I thought you might like to learn more about Sarah.  Thanks again for your wonderful support of this meaningful project. 

11 responses to “Sarah’s Book TV Clip

  1. Hi, Ann ~

    It only takes one descriptive word to describe everything about your sister, her husband, her children, her sisters, her project, and her journey. The word? REMARKABLE. Thank you for sharing a part of YOUR journey.


  2. Ann,
    What a wonderful clip. I’ve posted it to my FB page.
    I went back to the box and found the ribbon from the wrapping room! The book is magical. — Pamela

    • How wonderful that you’re sharing that clip with all your friends. I’m glad you found the ribbon too! Her husband likes to do things right.

      I appreciate your wonderful note. –Ann

  3. Ann,

    I agree with LJ and Pamela. The clip showed how remarkable your sister was. It’s amazing how she began to create something so beautiful in the face of adversity. I wish my own father had had her spirit. He was a wonderful person but became so frail after having a stroke and becoming partially blind. Your sister is inspiring. Thank you for sharing a piece of her with us.

  4. I, too, think back at her time while ill. Besides working on her book, she spent three of the five last months of her life painting a huge mural in the movie viewing room of one of the Budweiser heirs. Since it was a dark room, she painted an undersea world on four walls and a ceiling, complete with a sunken pirate ship, sharks, tropical fish, manta rays overhead, all kinds of seaweed, and of course, buried treasure. It was a remarkable achievement, but one that won’t be seen my many. She is indeed an inspiration.

    Thanks for the kind note, Lisa. –Ann

    • The mural sounds fascinating, and I want to see it!!! Do you have any photos you can post? I can see it in my mind from your description, but I would love to see a photo or 20.

      • I just viewed her website. She could make a bathroom look like paradise. There are many lovely photos of her amazing work on her website.

  5. Ann, would it be okay if I posted a sonnet here that I need help with? Two lines don’t scan and I’m hoping fresh eyes of everyone here will help.

    • Feel free! Others are sharing work, and this may be a good place to get some helpful comments and ideas.

      Sonnets, huh? You’re brave.

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