Your Turn!

Xoptic grebnits fleybun stin.  Bwop?  Wigzon dlibble er frunbundle

Pla pla pla!  Quober reklan stimvinklops gremsren lobscrim.

10 responses to “Your Turn!

  1. DtayrSua si ym lyapday tb u my tykit is cksi. I oeph uoy lefe tteber rmof oury oictx bdnluer! Pla, pla, pla! 🙂

  2. oops, sorry about the typo.
    I emnat ot yas, I eneojyd ihts ym now oictx bdnluer!

  3. Ebla! Ebla xoptic grebnits! Xipto grebnits moqo xoptic grebits. Obwop?

  4. Tropical gardens flourish in the sun. Heaven? Horizons dabbled with brilliant flame.
    Love, love, love! Ever restful vacations in the green glory of paradise.

  5. Yes, that was good. I’ll have to look again!

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