Iconic Moments

As the full moon rises, the sun sets.

39 responses to “Iconic Moments

  1. A Key, a kite and lightning.

    December 1, 1955 Montgomery Alabama, Rosa Parks refuses to give a white man her seat on a bus.

    “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

  2. My iconic moment:

    On September 20th, 2006 in BWW, Ann took me by the hand and led me to myself.

  3. The kiss, then the heartbreak.

    The launch, then parts raining down.

    Rockets red glare, star spangle banner.

    The rejection letter, then Times #1 bestseller.

  4. Me sending this.

  5. Who is the practical joker responsible for the exclamation point following my name? Ann?

    • It wasn’t me! !!! But it’s very funny, as if you are so excited about yourself. (Me!!)

      I wish I knew how to get it off, but I don’t (!!!) Maybe you can sign in as someone else. Just don’t disappear again. It’s fun to read your stuff.


    You are cordially invited to a celebration of TRUE LOVE as
    John and Martha
    renew their vows at a ceremony to be held on
    Sunday, April 1, 2012
    at 2:00 pm (Pacific Time)
    At a place of Lady Linquist’s choosing,
    Please no presents ( as they could easily be used as weapons knowing
    John and Martha.)
    No RSVP needed, if you show up…GREAT

  7. April Fools Day, huh? I hear there are tornadoes predicted for that day (charging like bulls in a china shop). I wonder if we’ll be able to make it to the lodge near the top of Mt. Hood since there are a lot of curves on that road, and the sun is always glaring in your eyes. It’s exhausting!

  8. Sounds just like our kind of get together. I bought some really powerful sunglasses after the last car trip into the sun, so I am prepared. I’m excited about the party, but I have my doubts if John and Martha can really make it work this time.

    • Peanut! As soon as I read this I grabbed my notes from Ann’s class and found Lesson 7! “With the infinite road ahead, I shuddered at the thought that I would have to endure yet another long and lonely ride home through the unforgiving desert.” I look forward to see what happens when John and Martha try to renew their vows. Did you notice that I said try? (he,he) This is going to be fun! 🙂

  9. Gullible speechless.

  10. How is everybody doing? It has been a while since the last time I visited this blog. I was away for three weeks… on vacation. When I returned, I had to update my resume. While that is still in progress, though my response is off the topic, funny part of me couldn’t hold back –
    As the full moon rises, the sun sets.
    In the abandoned cemetery, the Zombies rise
    Dressed in Rags, the finest they could find
    All went for the party, at the disused haunted house
    Small Zombies are skipping, expression less
    Women Zombies are wearing their bone jewelry
    Men Zombies are shouting, I think about skull ball game from morning
    They will have Zombie fun until next sun rise.

  11. More Iconic Moments:
    From there: “Thank you, Miss”
    To here: “Thank you, Ma’am”

    Hi Ann! It’s me, the girl with the mice falling from the ceiling…

  12. That’s not an image I am likely to forget.

    I trust I can respond, “Thank you, Ma’am!”

  13. Personal iconic moment: When after 50 years, I figure out a hairdo that took one minute to fix and never required a beauty parlor. Freedom!

  14. I will never reach Hair Nirvana. Me minus flat iron equals Roseanne Roseannadanna.

  15. Aw. She was cute. We of the straight hair always wished for curls.

  16. As a founding member of The Shrubbery Headed Women’s Support and Pruning Center of Greater Will County, I feel that I must point out to my fair-haired instructor that our members, as a rule, never appear in the “After” segments in beauty magazines.

  17. “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

  18. “Toto too?”
    “Toto too.”

  19. That’s laconic iconic

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