Another Question for You

What is the difference between free writing and drafting?  I personally believe they are different, but I’d like to hear how you define the distinction.  Do they overlap?  Do you know when you are doing one or the other?

6 responses to “Another Question for You

  1. Drafting is when you draw a picture of a house or a machine, free writing is when you don’t get paid. But seriously folks, free writing is when I’m just wildly jotting down ideas notes and thoughts with absolutely no structure. Drafting has at least some plan or structure or format of some kind that will emerge. I think drafting comes after free writing, at least the second draft does. Today I pulled off the road to jot down an idea, I couldn’t call that drafting, unless I sat there and wrote for two hours. But then the cops would call a tow truck and I’d look up going down the road on the hook and say, “galumph…”

  2. I believe the two are different.Free writing is just what comes into our heads I feel drafing is a predrafing of an idea. Wait a minute that is the same thing. I guess i should change my thought.
    Drafting is the start of a house or yard. It is just another way of free writing. I now believe that the two are much the same. One is of free thoughts in words, one is usually a drawing or plans for something. So they both begin with free writing in their own way. But one may give you a cash advance quicker than the other.
    You can’t even say the end is different since they both are the start of a project. One may be written word, one maybe a drawn item. They both start out as a seed of something ending up a happy finished project. Many rewrites after the start they finished to the joy of the person writing or drawing them.
    A draft does not always have to be a plan of a building or a yard . It can be a speech which is a written word that is revised many times over. So in the end they are the same just used differently, as to what you are doing.
    You start out wrong and end up right. So we can draft a story or build a house from the first word to the last stick, which every we are doing. In the end it is all the same just different lines and squiggles, To be read or looked at. Either way they are a start to great things in the end.

    Just like us as children we crawl, then walk, then run. We start out in one of Ann’s BWW course and end up here drafting notes to each other to show off or entertain each other. But most of all to enjoy free writing or drafting the rest of our writing career. Which ever we want to call it.

    • I guess i have to reply to myself. Marion your wrong. Free writing is free and flowing out of your little mind. Drafting has a thought process behind it. You have an idea to start with. In free writing you are looking for the idear. A few of my friends who write told me this. I sent this to them and got the same answer for all of them. Free writing if free form, drafting is a plan getting written with a thought that statred it.
      Free writing you are looking for the thought . Drafting you already have the thought.
      I guess i free wrote when i should have thought first.

  3. Free writing is like never pulling back on your dog’s leash and seeing where you wind up. Drafting is like traveling with an itinerary, a few surprises along the way, but you always knew your destination.

  4. Well, let’s see, I guess free writing’s when you kinda just type whatever’s in your head like maybe a piano falling thirty-four floors onto your heroine who’s walking along the street below naked except a spaceman’s helmet and it seems like a fantastic scenario except you then realize it’d mean that the whole novel would therefore be finished on page seventeen unless you can work out some way she can survive being squashed flat in F# so you figure maybe you oughta change it. And that’s when it becomes drafting.

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