Meaning Absolutely Nothing?

 As writers we actively search for meaning. The right word matters so much. We strive to capture what we mean on the page.  Getting the sentence perfect is our reward.  So I find that I want to explore the opposite sometimes. Can you write sentences that mean absolutely nothing? Try it! It’s not easy. Here are three. Share some of yours!

Bullets drown for cheery ladders.

Tongue scissors reverse swimmers’ moons.

Corsets run green scarecrows.

10 responses to “Meaning Absolutely Nothing?

  1. Parrot Writes

    Nubbins nitpick the rutabaga blah.
    Roller coaster sunflowers left birdbath front.
    Sunshine wronged sweetness smile.

    • Why does this appeal to me so much? It’s as if, should I try very very hard, I can finally understand and make the missing connections. And yet I know I cannot. Perhaps it is that this is completely unexpected new territory.

      Does it appeal to you too?

  2. Disturbingly, though she racked her brain and even consulted her diary, Eloise had no recollection of writing the sentence which you, dear reader, are perusing so pointlessly at this very moment.

    • Hmmph. There’s that FigMince narrating me again, thought Eloise. So I had a senior moment; so sue me! He thinks, therefore he writes, shoving my nose into a fictitious diary. I may have to put his brain on the rack so that he, too, can pointlessly peruse and ponder the absence of meaning when memory doth not serve.

  3. Barbara Burris

    Squash deliberate on tabletop placemats.
    Trees shine over the armchair’s cushion.
    The cuckoo clock regurgitates squalid ammonia.
    Down in the kitchen alphabets charm arrows.

    • That first sentences sounds like a command, doesn’t it? Squash deliberate, everyone! And cuckoo clocks regurgitating ammonia! Wonderful. And where do those arrows come from? Is it just me, or is there something quite appealing about things making absolutely no sense?

  4. Barbara Burris

    It would be fun, though time consuming, to try to write a short story in this sort of odd way. Like those stories that have alternative endings, this story could mean different things to each reader, depending on how they interpret the sentences. However, I always did think of squash as deliberate. They seem slow and methodical to me; definitely not vain like carrots with their wild yet intricate hairstyles and long, elegant roots. Nor do they seem at all spritely like mushrooms! Those round white puff ball mushrooms are there one moment and Poof! They’re gone the next. Mysterious!

  5. Caterwauling cannibals recycle dust bunnies as they call for the question. Could Roy and Ginger Rogers ever agree on the color for the ribbon? Quicksand thickens as it consumes the fedoras of the fallen few who dare to dance

    • Daring to dance in quicksand. That sounds like real life. Call for the question! Love the non-sense.

  6. Meaningless? Maybe I’ll copy/paste some campaign promises.
    Repeal the tax on tacks, it’s tactless.

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