For Your Interpretation

An egg.

13 responses to “For Your Interpretation

  1. Came before the chicken.

  2. Barbara Burris

    Are you certain, Peanut? Then who laid it?

  3. Barbara Burris


  4. God….or an Egg Angel on His behalf…or maybe a really bad comedian during Open Mic Night at Chuckels Comedy Club.

  5. Shakespear? Macbeth?

  6. Boring but important.

  7. Help you?

    Ham and two, over.

    How much over?


    Anything else?

    Make that one medium and one easy.


    Is this a test?

    He is serious.

    Okay, don’t get so hard-boiled.

    He’s an egghead. Don’t egg him on.

    Aw, go fry an egg. Mine, specifically.

    Egbert, now be a good egg.

    He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens.

    You two are walking on eggs here.

    And you are putting all your eggs in one basket.

    What’s she doing back there? Laying an egg?

    Enough, You already have egg on your face for acting like a bad egg.


    What? Ten ninety-five for ham and eggs? That’s my whole nest egg.

    • Whheeeeeeee! I’ve popped loose and am zooming down a tube! It’s warm here and every time I hit a wall, I’m gently bounced back into the flow. What a ride. This is livin’ SPLASH! Haha! Gurgle gurgle glub glub. Watch me bob up and down. Can I do it again?

      Oh, goodness. What are those? Eels with big heads? They’re coming closer; it’s like a tide of sticky goo filled with wigglers. They’re bumping into me. It tickles!

      Whoa! Hey! Cut that out! Did I say you could do that? It doesn’t hurt exactly, but what an invasion of privacy. On the other hand, it does feel kind of nice to have some company in here. You and me, little guy. Wiggle, jiggle, giggle, and fold. Divide and do it all again. Hey, is that you or me?

      Or somebody else?

  8. And I thought Gullible covered it all!

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