Short Words

Short words come in handy.  In fact, I often prefer them to longer words.  But they can also be deceptively hard to read.  How about this sentence: 

“And it was as if an eon ago, or was it one fun day ago as the sun lit my web log and I was sad to see my eye lid dip.”

Certainly you can do better than that, but only if you can use words with three letters or less.   Try it!


22 responses to “Short Words

  1. I’ll fly on a ray to the sun and sit on top by my God. Oh the Joy of it all.

  2. Can I hop on?

  3. I ran to the pot, saw an ant and ran.
    Fly to the sky for fun, to see a bit of sun.

  4. Barbara Burris

    My dog and I sat by the sea and we saw a cat as it lay on a log in the sun.

  5. Barbara Burris

    This is NOT easy!

  6. Barbara Burris

    Thank you both. It was difficult not to grab words from your excellent contributions, so I tried to go a completely different direction.

  7. I got sin; got it bad, let it go too far. My God can fix it. He can be, all I see, He can see, all I be.

  8. Waldo, I LOVE this….AMEN.

  9. Parrot Writes

    Okay, its not my best story, but here goes:

    Her eye was red due to the hit. He was big and tall and mad. “Put a lid on it and get out.”
    Her old man had had it; she was on her own now.
    Sue got in the car and bit her lip. She had no one to call and no bed of her own. “I’m in a big mess now.”
    But the in the end, it was not so bad.
    She had her job, her dog and her cat.
    “I aim to be on top in the end.”
    Her eye was now on the ball.

    PS – I tried to try to make this rhyme, but it made my head hurt, so I quit!

  10. Parrot, It rhymed in my head…does that count? Nicely done, my friend.

  11. All of you are the top
    . All I can say is WOW.

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