Combine Ingredients and Stir Briskly

An old Sears catalog, reruns, stick shift, fish.

6 responses to “Combine Ingredients and Stir Briskly

  1. I didn’t like to wear shift dresses when I was a young girl. Everyone called the dress a stick shift when I wore it because I was so skinny. Mom found a sale in an old Sears catalog and bought the same dress in a variety of colors for every school day of the week. My school days would have been incessant reruns if it hadn’t been for color. As it turned out, the dresses became a sacred rainbow of survival.

    The red dress brought me out of my introverted shell, and my anxiety eased somewhat when I wore it. I was wearing the red stick shift when Kevin Ham told me to shave my legs one day as he sat at the desk next to mine. He told me he’d like to look at pretty legs. I became so hot with anger that I told the bold Mr. Ham to roll himself up and take a bite.

    Each colorful stick shift has a story of pain, acceptance and growth.
    Geese, I don’t know what to do with the fish. Anybody seen Kevin Ham?

    • I never expected the stick shift to be a dress! I like how you enjoyed the colors while being stuck with the same style. Lemonade from lemons! Maybe Kevin Ham was the fish?

  2. pamelatheresa

    I was creating a character from the list of words. I did draw upon my experience with a “Kevin Ham” though!

  3. The Vacation

    As we drove down the long wooded path we could see the chalet we had rented for two weeks. The house was hidden in the woods, tall pine and oak hide it from the road. If we had not seen the crossed skies we would have missed it. Robert had told us that was the turn off. If we continued we would have gone a long way off course since this was the last house on the street. The next was around 20 miles and two towns away, across the summer maintained road. In winter this was as far as the plows went.
    As we settled in I went to use Frosty as it was called. I could not miss it the crescent moon on the door told me which outer building it was and what it was used for.

    When I was done I looked around for T.P. (toilet paper). There was none to be found. I saw instead a stack of Sears catalogues. To my delight it was a box that held the T.P.. My first adventure into the world of outhouses.

    We unpacked and headed for the stream in back of the cottage to catch supper. Robert told us the fish that favored the stream was brook trout. We were hoping for a nice fish dinner and we got a few good ones. We settled back after dinner with a bottle of wine and a box of old TV shows. I am glad we all liked the same reruns of Lawrence Welk. We danced the night away. Thinking of tomorrow when we would ride down the mountain on our bikes changing the small stick shift of gears all the time. Since we were on the high end of the hills. Barttlet seemed a long way away. We would think of the return ride later. Hopefully remember the wine and trout to speed us home at the end of the ride

    • You make us want to come along. That road tells us a lot about how far from civilization this is. Loved the outhouse and the Sears Catalog box. Nice trip!

  4. Marion, this is a perfectly charming story. Great feeling and read. Thanks

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