Should You Post?

I miss everybody I’ve worked with!  I work everyday responding to people all over the globe who want to write.  While I do this, I form mental pictures of each of you, imagining your situations based on your postings, your replies, and your stories. 

This blog is where I come for fun, for a break, for a chance to write something new myself.  I’m not trying to win any prizes here, but rather have fun, push some boundaries, and keep in touch. 

So if any of you have read this blog and been hesitant to post, please accept this invitation to fire away!  Blast the page.  Goof around.  Practice again.  And again.

If you’ve posted here before and enjoyed yourself, please join me in encouraging others to post.  The WordPress statistics say that around 100 views take place each day.  It would be great if some of those viewers decided to post! 

Yes, you should post.

29 responses to “Should You Post?

  1. Ann, I love this haven. You have a gifted and very clever following, and rightly so. Your prompts are varied and always manage to spark some really
    stunning writing. I so admire your energy and enthusiasm but especially
    your writing. Thank you abundantly for maintaining this oasis.

    I had an assignment in another class that required us to re-write the opening paragraph as if it was being written by either Elvis or Confucius, I wrote;

    Confucius say, ” Since the beginning of time there are no new feelings…simply new people feeling them.”

  2. Peanut! We’ve missed you. It sounds like you’re busy taking another course. Good for you. Hope your health is A+. I do keep watching to see what kinds of prompts elicit the most responses. The best one was the one where we all got to party!

    It’s been a pleasure always, reading your work. Confucius say, “Woman named Peanut should share more kernels of wisdom!”

    • THAT was some party! Best one I’ve been to in a long time.

    • Lady Ann, by my humble calculations, I started writing a year ago in BWW. TODAY..I got a letter from a book publisher that they are publishing one of my essays (The Wrath of Grapes) in an anthology book that will be out in the Spring of 2013. This is my first publication and I owe so much of my excitement to you and your gentle but challenging teaching. You are TOP DRAWER. I am so excited that I needed to change my Depends 5 times in 3 hours….they don’t make adult diapers like they once did.

      • This is wonderful news. I think ANY publication would be lucky to get some of your stuff. Was it a serious piece? You said “essay” but the title was funny.

        Anyway, the credit is all yours. But I have to say I miss you and all the folks here when I start a new session (like today). Who will be the new peanutberanski, gullible, waldo, or figmince? They show up less often than you’d think, so I’d say this new publication is a harbinger of things to come. Take a bow!

  3. I failed to say the opening paragraph of what…A tale of Two Cities.

    My Elvis reply was; “It is a pretty good time,cause I am rich and all the girls love me…but my Blue Suede Shoes got wet and molted, They are now mossy grey shoes that hurt my feet, so it is a pretty bumbed time too.”

    I must admit, I am no Dickens.

  4. Quiet Observer (Lassie)

    I confess.

    I’m often among those 100 visitors who read but don’t post.

    The problem is that I really do want to post a response to every one of your varied and creative prompts. Talent and respect abound in this community. The writers cultivate their own voices and styles in a non-threatening, welcoming atmosphere.

    Time is my nemesis, my frustration, my weakness. As often as possible, I sneak out from between the bread of my sandwich generation lifestyle to write, and my destination is frequently here.

    My current goal is to write at least ten minutes a day, but I don’t hesitate to grab more time whenever work or family obligations are not looking. However, because I’m a very slow writer, the available pockets of time aren’t always enough for me to craft anything blog worthy.

    So if it’s ok with everyone, I’ll continue posting sporadically while reading and learning from the writers here. One day, I would enjoy being among Ann’s Habitués!

    • It’s good to hear from you, Lassie. I remember you. Yes, time is a bear. Keep pushing. Post when you can. Everyone here knows just how you feel!

      Loved the sandwich image. Weird generation to live in!

    • Lassie, this is so well said, I also enjoyed “sandwich generation lifestyle”, such a telling description. I will wait patiently for your posts, they are worth it.

    • I agree with both Ann and PB. We all know how you feel and this is so well said. I’m looking forward to your posts and judging by your writing I think most would enjoy having you among Ann’s Habitues.

    • Thank you very much! Everyone here is a delight.

  5. I have just now begun to emerge from my “All Olympics…All The Time” stupor, two days after the Closing Ceremonies. I returned to my regular diet of Cable News Shows. I was absolutely dumb-struck at the similarities between Presidential Campaigning and Men’s Water Polo;
    Water polo You can almost drown your opponent without penalty
    Campaigning You can throw massive amounts of mud at your opponent w/o penalty
    Water polo No one (except possibly the referee) understands the rules
    Campaigning There are No Rules (never have been)
    Water polo Game lasts too long
    Campaigning Game is interminable
    Water polo Sort of cute guys, with really dorky hats
    Campaigning Sort of cute guys (except Biden) No hats, they were all tossed in the ring
    Water Polo Played every four years
    Campaigning We wish it was only played every four years!

    Water Polo By the time it is done, no one cares who wins
    Campaigning Double Ditto

  6. Ann, what Peanut said goes for me, too.

  7. Ann I find you blog a relief value sometimes. I look all the time to see what new idears you have come up with. You changle us and move us to be better and to think more. some time outside our boxed comfort zone. I too want to thank you for doing this.

    • It’s fun for me too. It’s also one more way I give myself a kick in the pants. I enjoy going through the day and realizing that a certain thought or a certain event would make a good blog challenge. Thanks for the kind words!

  8. Thanks from me, too, Ann! I so appreciate your writing prompts and comments. You’ve given me enormous support when I’ve been feeling down about rejections. You always say the right things to give me confidence to face the wild world of the printed word once again. I read everyone’s writing, even when I don’t have time to comment. Checking out the different ways each person approaches the challenges is one more reason I keep coming back!

  9. Ann, I’ve been seriously considering taking your online Beginning Writers Workshop as the feedback you’ve gotten is soooo positive! I’ve loved reading and writing since I was a little girl, and can think of nothing more rewarding than learning to write well and share stories, thoughts, etc. My son loves it when I tell him stories; he calls it “being in the story:” It would be wonderful to learn to write so that readers feel like they’re “in the story”.

    • Definitely take the course! It’s a lot of fun. Doesn’t hesitate. Most folks who take the course are experimenting and wondering and eager to learn. You’ll find a lot of support there. Love your phrase, “in the story.” Dive in!

  10. Miss Lola, You will have a blast in BWW. I suggested it to a friend and she is a little more than half way through, she adores it and Ann. You will have expert guidence and meet a great group of motivated new writers. Take it as soos as possible….you’ll get hooked !

  11. I learned so much from Ann about writing and even just brainstorming. So much so that I surprise myself. She has the ability to teach you to be aware of everything around you! I say take that leap of faith and post. Then you will be up late at night writing and writing for all of us to enjoy.

  12. Hi Ann! I really enjoyed your Beginning Writers Workshop. I must say, you handled a certain situation with great restraint and finesse. Thank you for keeping it positive and enjoyable for the rest of your students. You are an excellent teacher.

    • Zarita,
      It’s good to see you here! I’m glad you found the blog. It’s a great place to find more writing challenges plus the folks here are primarily BWW veterans. Thanks for the comments on our one difficult member. I appreciate it! I do hope your experience was not compromised and that plan to keep on writing!

  13. No, I just cringed whenever I saw the name on my posts. Before I read them I always took a deep breath and reminded myself that she is young and full of herself. You handled it perfectly. That was exactly who I was referring to in my discussion 2 post titled Feedback.
    I am a little intimidated by your posters here. They are all very creative.

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