Need a Pick-Me-Up

I need a favor.  Without going into detail, it’s been a hellish week.  I apologize for not sharing comments on all your excellent postings.  Here’s a great favor you can do for me:

Remember those words you grew up learning wrong?  One of mine is “cheapsteak” instead of the correct “cheapskate.”  I regularly come across them in student postings, and it always cheers me to see that I’m not the only one who had some words completely wrong for most of her life.  And they’re funny!

I bet you had a few too.  What were they?

28 responses to “Need a Pick-Me-Up

  1. Not so much a word but a phrase: When I was a little girl on the TV I heard a news story about a Marblehead man dieing from a head injury. I am told I asked my Dad” how could a man with a marble head die from a head injury”? To this day when ever anything happens in Marblehead Ma I get kidded by my family. Oh how the mind of a child works. Hope this week is better. Take care .

    • Marion, I missed this the first time around, but I am glad I found it now. I had to Google Marblehead MA to see where it was. I think your observation at such a young age just proves that you are a real bright Kid !

  2. Hey Ann, I was e-mailing a friend and was telling him about the beginning writing class I took with you. I tried to find it again in ed2go so he could check it out, but it is not listed. Are you taking a break for a while? Jeff

  3. It’s still available. For some reason, different schools list different courses. Have him begin at, and he can likely find it. Thanks for recommending it!

  4. In my early childhood, our family did not regularly attend church. My parents both had “9-5” day jobs but they also had a Dance Band that played for functions throughout the state on Friday and Saturday nights. Usually they would not get home until well after midnight on Saturdays, so Sunday morning sleep time was a necessity.
    One of my best friends was Marsha Mack, whose family was deeply religious. Her father would read Scripture selections aloud before each meal. Therefore, when I ate at Marsha’s house, which I did quite often, I heard all about Jesus, and how He died on Calvary.
    Being an avid TV Westerns fan, I naturally thought that Jesus, being in the Cavalry, wore a Dress Blue uniform, with shiny black boots, gleaming sword and pearl handled pistol, just like Chuck Connors in “Branded.” I remember asking my Mother if Jesus was killed by the Indians. Shortly after that day, our family became regular churchgoers. I credit Chuck Connors and Marsha Mack with my conversion.

    • Gads that’s funny, Peanut! I can easily understand the confusion, though.

    • That reminds me of one my daughter came up with. It’s not religious, but it does have a certain philosophy attached to it. She was four. We heard her singing in the next room as she played with her toys:

      Row row row your boat
      Gently down the stream
      Merrily merrily merrily merrily
      Life is down the drain.

      (And this from the girl, now grown, who did the book design for “Onward is Best.” Clearly she has gained a sunnier perspective!

      • The residents of the East coast are wanting a BIG DRAIN right now! Your daughter did such a wonderful job with her design of “Onward”. You must be very proud of her.

  5. My favorite – one that I revert to at times even today is nephlant instead of elephant. I also remember using probly instead of probably – that one no doubt learned from my older cousins who all said it that way. My youngest step-son always asked for a blanklet instead of a blanket. I know there are more. Will add them if I remember them.


  7. Gully, That’s Flabulous.

  8. Ann, when I was a teenager I had a prayer book with a prayer for vocation. I read it vacation and couldn’t figure out why I would pray for a vacation.

    • That reminds me of another one my daughter came up with. At daycare, way back when, the kids were all enamored of saying “Up your nose with a rubber hose.” They thought this was hysterical. Typical preschool humor. But the joke was on us when we picked up her dad one night from work and she hollered out, “Up yours with a rubber hose!”

      And that from a sweet little girl with pigtails.

  9. Here is another one. The laughs on me. I was suppose to say in a play Hail Mary. It came out hell Mary.

  10. That reminds me of one my sister sang at Christmas. Instead of “The First Noel” she thought it was “The First in the Well.” Dive in!

  11. A friend I used to work with had a new baby – the first girl after three boys in a row. She named her Catherine and apparently had been explaining to friends and family that the child’s name was Catherine, witih a ‘C’ – of course referring to the spelling. She overheard her five year old son explaining to someone that his new baby sister’s name was Catherine of the Sea!

  12. We have a shopping mall called Washington Square. My best friend’s 4 yr- old son called it Washin’ the Bear, which it has forever remained.

  13. A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were sorting furniture in my parents’ house to prepare for an estate sale. I asked, “What do you think of this Chester Drawers?” He smiled at me and chuckled. My childhood rendition of “chest of drawers” has stayed with me low these many years. Not surprisingly, I always attribute human personality to objects!

  14. There is currently a You Tube video where a girl says she is tired of hearing about Bronco Bamma….

  15. My sister used to think that putting something in “layman’s terms” was really to say it in “lame man’s terms.”

  16. My granddaughter used to call basset hounds “basket hams”.

  17. medieval times was once — mid-evil times and euthanasia was once — youth in asia — kids!

  18. These are all so funny. Gotta love language.

  19. My sister said Flaucet for faucet until she was 30. (Her mean older brother finally corrected her in front of company.)

  20. I used to say and write the words “brang and brung” instead of “brought and have brought.” My college instructor corrected me on that years ago. My defense was, “well, there’s ring, rang, rung; and, spring, sprang, sprung.” Why not, “bring, brang, brung?”

  21. My Grandfather, who moved to California from Texas in the 1920’s always had trouble with proper pronunciation of Spanish based Street names.
    For Example, Sepulveda Bvd. is Sah Pull Va Da. He pronounced it SUP LA VEEDA. Monterey Road is Mon ta Ray ..he pronounced it Mon Tarry road.
    He was also able to swear around us kids by using euphanisms such as “Dag Nabbit”, “Son of a Buck” and “Shoot Fire”..
    Great memories, those.

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