Stories Full of Nouns

I was looking back at some old challenges and found one from several years ago that I still find fascinating.  Your task is to write a short, short story using only adjectives, nouns, and pronouns.  (The articles “a,” “an,” and “the” are technically adjectives.)  This means you won’t have complete sentences.  That’s fine.  Tell us a story.

22 responses to “Stories Full of Nouns

  1. An unusually warm day in Mid-November and a left-over Halloween Hersey’s Kiss on car seat. Broken alarm clock, early Church duty, cream-colored Sunday Best Slacks…Oh My Goodness…. Sweet Cheeks !

  2. We can always count on you Peanut to come up with a good one.

  3. Everyday new challenges, simple to complex. Everyday new solutions some are our best.

    Besides wanting to respond to this intriguing assignment, I want offer a long overdue thank you for your Ed2go class. I took it months ago and your kind words and gentle encouragement persuaded me to start writing.

    • Good to see you here, Bart! I’m glad to hear you are writing. This is a good spot to stop by when your own writing bogs down. We’re all just goofing around here!

  4. Male car hop at Bob’s Big Boy? Oh yes. One. Tall,dark, hansome. Cute. Big tips? Of course. College girls. Traffic on Colorado Street. Increase in business. Manager with big smile. 1956.

  5. Sky of blue, clouds of white. leaves colored,pine cones brown all mine.

    • A scene worth writing about! I often wonder how we’d feel if things were different colors than we are used to: brown sky, purple grass, blue milk, clouds of black. You’re got me thinking!

  6. Whispery winds, bubbly streams, fragrant flowers, warm special feelings.

  7. I’d like to go there. I expect this writer was not by herself ?

  8. Thirteen steps. Five bookcases. Music on headphones. Twenty-four inch monitor. Drum practice pad. Frank, the Dove man with Selectric ball head. A dozen piles of papers. Two open drawers. A dumb bell. Death on a Bicycle. Iced tea. Six sterling silver thimbles. Five unlit candles.

  9. I didn’t see that! (head slap). That would have been a much better organization, even if the numbers were wrong. You’re good!

  10. It is such a comfort to know that I have a TWISTED SISTER like you to write to !

  11. Drippy sticky ice cream cone, double dip, summer heat, car front seat, soggy cone, eager licks, wadded napkin, ‘nuther napkin, puddled lap, stupid idea. Ice cold soda, big tall cup, two long straws, better plan.

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