Try Your Hand at Rhythm

We hang out, bang it out, wipe out, wrestle doubt, rant and shout.

Online trapline, turbine, valentine, plotline.  

Got lost, star-crossed, a bit tossed, holocaust.

Now I’m there.  Where’s my chair?  I’m on a tear.

Slurp the grape, rub the nape, outta shape, get some tape,

My paper’s torn, pen forlorn, luck unborn.

Give me a beat, make it sweet, here we meet, do not delete.


Ratty kitcha boom, ratty kitcha boom,

Ratty kitcha, ratty kitcha, boom boom boom

Rip rah roo, the black and the blue.


26 responses to “Try Your Hand at Rhythm

  1. I wrapped mine around a theme

    The Commute.

    Horns are beeping, clouds are seeping, traffic creeping, nearly weeping.
    Try to hurry, not to worry, cannot scurry, brain is furry.
    Palms are itching, quit your bitching, eyelids twitching, mood unstitching
    Engine heating, carpool seating, quit your tweeting, hostile greeting.
    Highway snare, getting there, pull out hair, life ain’t fair!

  2. Season with a reason
    Lights, not kites
    Trees, not bees
    Snow, not a crow
    Presents, not pheasants
    Bars with stars
    Deer with beer
    Santa Claus, did he floss?
    Kings and rings
    Tell with a bell
    Sing your thing

  3. galelikethewind

    Rose Parade, Slight Grade, Attention Paid
    Cold Street, Frigid Feet, Lookin for Heat
    Bundle Up, Whiskey Cup, Cute Little Pup
    Floats With Flowers, Motor Powers, No Rain Showers
    Horns Blare, People Stare, Sun’s Glare
    TV Crews, Excellent Views, On The News
    Now The End, Band Comes Round the Bend, Hug My Friend
    Bleachers Down, Leave Town, I See A Frown

  4. Computer Crashed
    Nerves are mashed
    Dreams are dashed
    Where do I go from here?

    Walmart is cruel
    Especially at Yule
    I am back in the primordial ooze.

    An ameba am I
    As I earnestly Try
    To understand the 12-year-old Sales Clerk.

    On Gateway, on Acer, on HP and Dell.
    Just Pick one already…
    And Get out of this Hell.

    The Myans were right
    The END is in sight
    Credit WINDOWS 8 with my destruction !

  5. Oh Peanut you never fail to please.

  6. I think this probably comes under the general heading of “doggerel” —

    Monday Afternoon
    The grandkids “discussion” sounds more like it’s fussing,
    And probably headed toward fighting.
    My printer’s software leads me to despair,
    It’s just notified that it’s crashing.
    The TV is crammed with the hip and the damned,
    And the pundits are verbally bashing.
    But somewhere in this, I find peace and bliss,
    It’s the time that I get to spend writing.

  7. Here’s another. I’m not sure where this came from. I’m on a roll. Ann, you unchained a skip-rhyme terror!

    Aesthetic Dialog:
    Accuracy, art dudes!
    Make that paint copy the photo.
    How can we tag the image we bag
    Unless we first make it immoto?
    But photons fly free and one rarely sees
    Behind the image created,
    ‘Less we’re willing to wend, perception to bend,
    And look for the truth that’s not painted.

  8. I let the dog out.
    Why did you do it?
    I left the cheese out.
    Why did you do it?
    I let Louise out.
    Why did you do it?
    ‘Cause she had to go to work

    I put the car in.
    Why did you do it?
    I sucked my gut in.
    Why did you do it?
    I let Louise in.
    Why did you do it?
    ‘Cause she had to go to bed.

    I put my hat on.
    Why did you do it?
    The dog has fleas on
    Why did he do it?
    I got Louise on.
    Why did you do it?
    ‘Cause she had to snap my back.

    I turned the range off.
    Why did you do it?
    I made rice pilaf.
    Why did you do it?
    I turned Louise off.
    Why did you do it?
    ‘Cause she tried to sing all night.

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