I am trusting you could use a jolt into high creative gear…

zero. naught. nothing. the un-.  blotto.  zip.

11 responses to “I am trusting you could use a jolt into high creative gear…

  1. My mind is blank, zero, naught, nothing. I have nothing to write about. My mind races through the year 2012. I have witnessed much. I have retired and gone back to work part-time. But I still have nothing to write. I was told that if I write more I would become a better writer, but as at sit at years end I have zilch. I could write about students I have dealt with, but who wants to hear about those miserable little farts. Maybe I could write about the little skinny kid who sells drugs to put gas in his big ass truck or the lesbian with a mother who leads a sadomasochism life style. I could try to use some of the new words I’ve been learning like profligate, comestible, ennui, mettle or esurient, but I can barely spell them, much less, know how to use them in a meaningful way.

    So here I sit (or is that sat or set) with nothing but a big zero. I may be fighting my inner demons. I know I’m fighting laziness. Good writers spend hours and hours writing and although I have hours I prefer to spend them reading, walking or day dreaming about being a writer. Therefore my new years resolution is to work harder at writing and to hopefully come up with something more than aught, zero, a big goose egg, nada, cipher, cipher, nil, zilch or zippo. Have Happy New Year writers.

  2. Karl leaned back from his antique Stickley desk, staring at the seventeen inch computer monitor. This was to be his last novel in a trilogy about the Japanese Zero pilot who went missing on a tiny Pacific Island in the waning days of World War II. His protagonist had not learned that the horrible conflict was over, and continued to survive and carry out his mission to the Emperor, skirting island society year after year. His publisher was sure that his third book would come to naught, and had even refused the customary advance.
    But Karl had nothing to lose. His first two books had both risen to the top of the New York Times best seller lists, and from a financial point of view, Karl was set for life. However the story would not let go. He started typing again,
    “Takahara moved out of the small cave and headed for the un-” …what was the damn word he was searching for? Karl tipped back in his chair once more, closing his eyes, taking deep breaths, waiting, waiting. Had his muse gotten blotto on great quantities of Sake somewhere? He tried to relax again, opening his mind. Usually, when he reached a deep state of relaxation, when his mind was clear of all chatter and thoughts, he would almost feel an emotional poke from his lovely muse. But not today. Zip.
    Karl got up, remembering the words of Margaret Mitchell; “Tomorrow is another day.”

  3. Great use of the words given.

  4. When I stepped on the scale after Christmas Day, nothing could have prepared me for the number that appeared. OMG-I’d gained ten pounds since Thanksgiving! This wouldn’t do. No more extra desserts. No more drinking too much wine and getting blottoed. I needed a plan.

    The TV infomercial touted it. My answer; the perfect plan. The diet for those who didn’t like to diet. It guaranteed I’d lose ten pounds in a week. All I had to do was send $19.99 and follow their unconventional eating plan.

    I was committed (plus I’d paid $19.99), so I stuck to it for the week. After day two I weighted myself. I’d lost zero, zilch, zip! Was it all for naught? I kept at it and at the end of day three, I’d lost two pounds. Day four, one more. At the end of the week, I’d dropped six pounds. Not the ten they promised, but close enough.

    Guess I’ll celebrate with that container of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey left over in the freezer.

    What, no?

  5. Zero, naught, nothing,zip,zilch,big goose egg…….enough said about the confidence level in the Mayan Calendar !

  6. This prompt reminds me of the great reveal: Geraldo Rivera opening the long-sealed cellar of Al Capone’s: zero. naught. nothing. the un-. blotto. zip

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