Rhyming Poetry Commune

Remember communes?  So sixties.  However, I so enjoy reading all your postings.  Is this fun or what?  So just to keep the good times rolling, I’ve started a four line poem below.  Notice the rhyming scheme.  Your job is to jump in after the last posting and add the next four rhyming lines.


I sit and sit and sit and chit chat and smile!

Oh, no that’s an Aretha Franklin line

Is it bad to appreciate a fine bit of phrasing?

Or am I plagiarizing outrageously cuz I’m not as amazing?

17 responses to “Rhyming Poetry Commune

  1. I Do Wah Diddy Diddy, and go Dancing In the Streets with Manfred Mann and The Byrds.
    They wrote the scores to my youthful indiscretions as I spent my Nights In White Satin with The Moody Blues.

  2. You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.
    Now I’m drowning in the Sounds of Silence.
    I’ve just Heard it Through the Grapevine
    You got Georgia On Your Mind.

    I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
    In the House of the Rising Sun.
    I’m beggin’, Louie, Louie,
    Stay and Stand By Me.

  3. Where are you going now my love?
    Where will you be tomorrow?
    Sitting by the dock of the bay
    with triplets on the way.

  4. You have me stumped on this one. I see that you’re writing couplets, but each line has a different number of feet, the way I count it

  5. From the ones who can
    Unto the ones in need
    The collective leaves no soul behind
    This Earth was made for all mankind

    I couldn’t figure the feet out either, so I did my own thing with a slightly different take on the commune part of it.

  6. Because I’m still stumped on this one, I’ll post something else.

    Sigh. Grammar Nazi alert: I am just a few pages into this novel and I already know it’s going to be difficult to stick with it. What does this mean? “EL easily wore twenty more pounds than his five foot ten inch build comfortably allowed.” Does it mean he wore the weight easily or that he was easily 20 lbs. overweight?

    And, “(She) jerked open a casement window and leapt into a blistering snowfall three stories high.” (She died.) Seems to me a three story high snowfall would be pretty soft, wouldn’t it? And what exactly is a BLISTERING snowfall? Does it mean that you get blisters trying to shovel a path through a three story snowfall?

    And why is the author switching back and forth with “twenty” and “40”? It’s words from one to nine, and numerals after, isn’t it?

    I know I’m far from grammar-perfect or style-perfect, but my gosh. Actually, the story is pretty interesting, so I’m still reading.

  7. Blue Eyes said I was born free,
    Jimi got me stone free.
    Beatles said the best things in life are free
    And the Kinks just set me free.

  8. What the heck. If I slur a bunch of words together, I can get four beats to the line (I won’t call them feet), so:

    Plagiary’s amazing when the source is obscure
    But by ripping off lyrics we can only infer
    That your muse is asleep or away on a lark
    We know that’s not true, so let’s make a new start.

  9. Okay – here ya go Gully!

    The sixties was college and apple wine
    Wild dancing at nightclubs in disco lines
    To music that would make your ears ring
    I’m amazed I graduated that ’69 spring

  10. We sang of Abraham, Martin and John and protested the war in Vietnam.
    Flower Power and Free Love were all the rages, and Go Go Girls danced in cages,
    We conquered Space but not issues of Race, as the smell of weed saturated the place.
    Oh, to be young again, but seems I’ve forgotten now what I knew then.
    As we Boomers retire, we can still be inspired,
    To be Groovy until the bitter end.

  11. Groovy until the bitter end.
    Love it.
    (Sounds like an epitaph!)

  12. I sit and sit and sit and chit chat and smile!
    Oh, no that’s an Aretha Franklin line
    Is it bad to appreciate a fine bit of phrasing?
    Or am I plagiarizing outrageously cuz I’m not as amazing?
    Hollywood movies are copy and paste.
    Are new ideas not easy to make?
    from one, two, and three decades past,
    we’re just trying to help old stuff last.

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