I Beg Your Pardon!

It’s been a very hectic season at Beginning Writers Workshop, so I have not had much energy to stop by  here and goof around.  I have read everything posted, and have had a terrific time doing so.  Just couldn’t respond, I guess.  Tired fingers. Weary brain.

Anyway, here’s a question for you:  Which kind of writing challenge, of all the ones you’ve tried here, have you enjoyed writing the most?  I have my guesses, but I’d rather hear your views. 

Let me know!

9 responses to “I Beg Your Pardon!

  1. galelikethewind

    Ann – thanks for taking time to maintain this blog for your faithful followers.

    My favorites are:
    Pick three

    Scene set ups like:
    Darla ponders the future
    Jack is having a tough time ..(show don’t tell)
    Someone is soon to arrive

    Also enjoyed Hank w character traits to be reversed…


  2. I enjoy all the prompts but galumphing and when you describe a specific character seem to get my creative juices flowing more easily. Two of my favorites prompts – the BWW reunion was great fun to read and I loved Loretta with the glass eye. The quirky prompts are always fun.

  3. Ann, you are, hands down, the finest Maestro of Prompts for this motley orchestra of BWW word smiths. I love all the prompts, but especially those that I lovingly refer to as : The Rumpus Room; where we build a narrative collectively, such as the reunion. GOOD CLEAN FUN !
    (here is my latest offering Off Subject. Pray that you will return to us soon, we miss you)

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.

    “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens

    There is PBS Masterpiece Classic, there is Jerseylicious, there is organically grown, there is the Double Baconator, there is Twitter and there are Twitts; there are healthy, empowering and enlightening activities and then there is….FARMVILLE ON FACEBOOK !

    I have always prided myself on being discerning in my leisure time pursuits. One Sunday, after our worship service, a fellow congregant asked me if I had played Farmville on Facebook. I told her in a rather aloof tone, that I was not really into the game thing online. Nonetheless, she proceeded to tell me about the good, clean fun that is Farmville. Her pitch was quite convincing, and she was, after-all, one of my spiritual mentors. So I agreed to investigate the enjoyment awaiting me down on the cyber farm.

    The Farmville graphics were playful and the background music was peppy and cheerful. The instructions on how to play were simple to understand. I even got to design my farm girl physical characteristics and wardrobe. She was svelte and wore designer overalls.

    The first task on the farm was to till the land and then plant a few veggies and flowers. Having completed that in quick order, I was told to return to my farm in four hours and check on my crops. As my cyber-self skipped down the lane to sign off, I felt cheerful and productive.

    Out of curiosity, I returned to the farm two hours earlier than the suggested four-hour interval. I am so glad that I did. My veggies were starting to wilt already. Thankfully, I came back in time to save my precious plants from withering away. Again, I was instructed to return in four hours.

    Thus began a relentless regime of watering, harvesting, tilling, planting and building fences and beehives. Other Farmville friends would stop by occasionally to help with the increasing burdensome chores, which required me to reciprocate.

    It only took a few days until I was totally exhausted by the rigors of cyber farming. This was not fun; this was indentured servitude. I could only sleep for a maximum of four hours before I needed to sign in, feed the cows and chickens, irrigate the cornfields, pick the peppers and start all over again. I have had real jobs that took less effort. The final, fatal blow to my ego was that my farm was going broke. I had to get out to save what little dignity I had remaining.

    I left the farm and moved to….CITYVILLE, in hopes of being a better retailer and landlord than a farmer. I started a bookstore, a bakery and one small apartment building. Before long, I had five stores that needed to be restocked every four hours and several housing units that required me collect rent.

    I was elected mayor, which meant recruiting other Facebook friends to staff the police station and run the library and hospital. Once again, I was losing money and sleep. The stress of the city was sure to be my ruination, so I resigned in shame.

    You may think that these two failed ventures would have taught me to stay far away from any Facebook villes forever. But, for reasons unknown to me, I couldn’t get off this insipid merry-go-round cold turkey, so I joined the Facebook Mafia Game.

    Finally, I found my niche. Seems I had a genuine talent for being a hit man in the underworld. This was the first Facebook game that took very little time, offered great financial gains and didn’t require my attention every four hours. At last I got back on a regular sleeping cycle.

    However, there were drawbacks to this game as well. Even though it was all fantasy cyber money, I couldn’t take the profits earned in the mafia and pay off my Farmville and Cityville debts. I hated the entire premise of this game. Good is good and evil is evil, even in fantasy land.

    Thankfully, I finally came to the realization that there isn’t room in my life for this type of influence. In November of 2012, I left all the villes on Facebook for good. I decided to read real books by real authors and write real stories for leisure. The moral of the story is, spending time in our real world is much more rewarding than wasting time in cyberville.

  4. I like the unfinished sentences, The Reunion, galumphing.

  5. But most of all, I appreciate you doing this for us. Having been in a BWW class of hundreds, I can’t imagine how busy you are, yet you take time to play and help us become better writers. Thank you.

  6. Ann – I also thank you for prompting the creative juices of all of us BWW followers. Your class was my first and my favorite. I appreciate the prompts that give us a scene to expand on, galumping, and the character studies. I don’t always complete a post but I read all the responses! Thank you again for your dedication to teaching and coaching.

  7. These are fun: Pick Three and Galumphing.
    Ah, I have a blog now…
    This is PAT
    Check me out!

  8. Wow… that’s my class site… lol
    This one is mine: http://wp.me/3dHY7

  9. I have enjoyed all lthe prompts. I like the ones we follow someone elses wrliting and turn it into our own lines. co-op writing i guess i would cll it. I too thank you for having fun with us and giving us fun brain teasers to keep us awake at night. the outlet is grand and an ego booster. thanks again.

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