Stuck in the Wrong Body

The baby had been propped up on the porch swing in her first birthday dress. She scowled at the world, as if deciding to do exactly what she shouldn’t for her photograph. Her mother used the iPhone to take six pictures, but still the baby wouldn’t smile. She looked down at her pink dress and yanked on it. She blew a spit bubble. She kicked off one fringed white sock. She eyed the chains that held up the swing.

The baby snorted inwardly. She loved her mom, but it was highly awkward to pretend to be an infant when in reality she was a thirty-two year old reincarnated circus aerialist who had broken her neck one year ago. Her stage name was Regina Glorina. Now she was known as Baby Wahwah, which was how her slightly older brother pronounced her new name: Wanda.

13 responses to “Stuck in the Wrong Body

  1. Wanda perked up considerably when she watched her older brother Wally walking down a board propped a foot in the air between two water buckets. His arms wind-milled up and down as he rebalanced himself with each step. When he got to the other end successfully, Wanda blew another bubble and clumsily clapped her hands.

    This caught her mother, Willa’s attention, who then wisked her off the porch swing and carried her down to the backyard to watch Wally closer. Wanda wiggled with excitement as he whipped around and started again.

    “You want to try this, little one?” her mother asked wondering about the increased activity in her daughter.

    “Hell yes,” thought Wanda. “I could do this in my sleep.”

    Her mother willfully removed her other white sock and stood Wanda on the board behind her brother. She coaxed her forward holding Wanda’s arms out to her side, as she carefully helped her waddled down the 6 inch-wide board to the very end.

    “Wow, you’re a sure-footed wee-one,” her mother said, warmly smiling at Wanda.

    Wanda giggled and blew more bubbles. “Again, let’s do it again,” she wished she could say.

    When the wooden back-door screen whacked on the door frame, Willa whirled. “Warren, look her at our daughter. She’s a balance beam wonder! We’ll have to work with her every week.”

    “Well, it’s no wonder. She has our Wallenda genes. I’ll teach her to walk the wire with the rest of the family.”

    “Wahoo, I can’t wait.” Wanda was no longer worried about her future.

  2. You’re making me laugh with all those Ws. What fun! I am a big Flying Wallendas fan and used to pretend that was to be my ultimate career. Something happened along the way.

  3. Ooh – no high wires for me. Glad you enjoyed it. I had fun!
    PS – I’m SO glad you are a writer and instructor!

  4. Wanda

    Eying the swing chain once again, Wanda remembered how hard she had trained in her previous life to become supple, limber, and flexible to the extreme to attain the high levels of excellence in her craft. It occurred to her that in her new infant body she was even more limber and flexible than she had ever been before.
    As her mother turned to answer a text message on her Iphone, Wanda slowly grasped the small steel chain just above her right shoulder. She was amazed at the gripping power of her tiny hand. She pulled herself up and out of the small child’s seat, and then swung her short legs up over her head. She gripped the chain between her thigh and lower leg, and cartwheeled straight up the chain. Hooking her other leg over the top part of the chain, she swung loose and pirouetted out away from the metal strand.. Just like the old days, she thought, as her mother looked up in horror, and screamed for her older brother to come and help her get little Wanda down. For the first time, her mother noticed the birthmark on her small daughter’s neck, now quite apparent as the blood rushed to that area as she spun ever so gently, upside down.

    • I do love the visual of a baby doing a trapeze routine on a porch swing chain. I think this mom has her hands full!

  5. I like the chain climbing and the birthmark. Nice touches! Our Wanda is quite the child athlete!

    • galelikethewind

      Thx Parrot – have to give my wife credit for reminding me that reincarnated folks usually have a birthmark at cause of death.
      In Barcelona, headed home Sat

  6. Life’s a bitch and then you die.
    Then you get reincarnated.


  7. Regina Glorina paused. (Pausing was so easy. She was a baby. Her options for action were rather limited.) Okay, here she was—one year old. But she could remember her other self, the aerialist. She’d died rather young, but even so, she’d had a full life. It occurred to Regina that perhaps this awareness of her earlier self while here, inside Baby WahWah, meant that there may have been another person inside her, Regina Glorina, all along, as well. Wooo! That was far back to remember. She took a deep breath and considered.

    Suddenly her mom picked her up, sat down, lifted the blouse, and stuck a plump boob in Regina/WahWah’s face. Distracting! But also a good time to think. Nnnumm. Nnnumm. Nnnumm. She rested a small hand on the full breast while she nursed. She had a very pretty mother.

    And then it came to her. The memory. From a very young age, Regina Glorina had clearly known that there was another person inside her, an adult person, in fact an older adult person who was a Chinese ninja witch named PeeFall. It had been PeeFall who had assured Regina Glorina as a child that all that trapeze work would be a piece of cake. Well, safer than hand to hand combat with the Kung Fu fighters PeeFall had to face routinely in her role as protector of the queen’s treasury.

    Wonder who had been inside PeeFall? Nnnumm. Nnnumm. Nnnumm. So hard to make her baby brain work. So much nicer to just nurse and sleep a lot. Anyway, who could remember all those names? Was she Wanda? Baby Wahwah? Regina Glorina? PeeFall the ninja witch? All of the above?

    “Her pseudonym was Sartorial Splendor,” PeeFall whispered just as Baby Wahwah fell asleep. “A writer of odd travails.”

    • Ann, you know what a sucker I am for Great Names…Regina Glorina is absolutely perfect, although it sounds much more like a Nun or Mother Superior at “Our Lady of the Perpetually Pious.”. I just might have to steal Regina for a story or two.

  8. PeeFall, the ninja witch? There’s a whole other story there! And of course a writer-tailor, Sartorial Splendor! Lovely!

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