Car Jack

Car jack

Jack in the box

Box top

Top of the Empire State Building

Building blocks

Blocks? Nope. Never have those.


10 responses to “Car Jack


    We called him “Lego Eddie” and, when we owned a toy shop, we looked forward to his visits.

    It was the eighties and technology came early to the company. They gave Eddie an answering machine.

    “This is Eddie Sekker, please leave a message” the device always said. But that’s no fun I always thought. Rather than speak to it I held the phone and tapped the laughing ghoul above the counter to send its ungodly cackle down the line.

    I enjoyed phoning Eddie and getting the answering machine–lots of times.

    Eddie knew well that the best way to sell to toy shops was to let the owners play, and when the mini packs came out his enthusiasm knew no bounds. The day was quiet and there were building blocks all over the counter. Two local police officers wandered through the shop.

    As was their usual habit they said “G’day” and one of them reached up to tap the ghoul.

    “It was you” screamed Eddie. I hid behind my newly appointed body guards.

  2. Car Jack

    Jack of all trades

    Trades his car for some cash

    Cash at 1 800 Call Soon

    Soon he will be broke once more

    More trouble with Jill

  3. When I was young a car jack was the thing you used to lift a car and change a tyre–now it’s something sinister.

    When I was young a jack in a box would keep a kid amused for hours–now you need an iPad.

    When I was young you would excitedly lift the box top to find a present–now you get an iTunes card.

    When I was young the Empire State Building was the tallest in the world–now it’s even passé as a place to fall in love.

    When I was young building blocks encouraged creativity–now you get to follow a pattern on the box, and know you’ll be stuffed if one gets lost.

    Blocks? Nope. Never have those–what on earth am I on about here?
    When I was young I would have remembered.

    • Bright, I enjoyed your take on this. Certainly no reason to be EMbarassed about any work shared in this Blog. I”m not even sure that my post was what Ann was looking for. ; )

  4. Car jack
    Jack be nimble
    Nimble fingers
    Fingers tapping out a rhythm
    Rhythm and Blues
    Blues got me down

  5. Never be embarrassed! You’re writing..that’s what matters.

  6. I think Ann was purposely being vague here, letting each of us reach our own conclusions as to the meaning of her post. Brilliant, and fun.

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