Are You Keeping Track?

I admit I started this blog just to goof around and enjoy seeing what came out of  my fingers.  The other day, however, I decided to print out some of my short stories, which I then realized were saved on my computer in all sorts of unlikely places.  Computers have begun to be like closets; we stash things in them without always thinking carefully about what we’re doing.  We quickly forget where we put things.

I have begun gathering my stories and putting them into one computer file.  I could find most of them, but then I thought about what I might have put onto the blog.  I began checking back through the entries.  I found some reasonable things I wrote, and now they are in a “Stories” file as well as printed out onto the three holed paper I bought in bulk by mistake one time.  Now I have a nice binder with stories too.

I’m less than half way back through the blog.  Having done this,  I found so many great things written by all of you.  Since I have begun getting organized, I wanted to tell you to get in gear too.  Make sure you have your postings saved and organized on your end.   There are things you posted in the blog that are far too good to lose.   Really good work, and all yours.  Find them and make sure you have kept them all.

6 responses to “Are You Keeping Track?

  1. Invaluable advice, especially for the sporadic writer like me who can’t remember what I wrote, never mind where I saved what was written.

  2. That’s so funny. I just made a new project in my writing binder just for blog comments I have made in the past. Nifty timing. 😉

  3. Life has handed some roller coaster events – suicide, divorce, birth of a grandchild – and writing has helped to balance my perspective. Thank you for the reminder that any piece of writing is worth a keepsake folder.

  4. Good suggestion:
    However, I’m afraid, or rather, I’m concerned about keeping my goofy stories in order or organized..
    After I die,I don’t want some relatives in the future to read those stories thinking about who was the uneducated moron who wrote them.
    I keep my stories (some) in a box inside a closet
    . If they come and read them, it is their fault.

  5. Ann You are a good teacher I have been doing that since I took one of your online classes. Some day I may put them together and have them bound just for me. I print off some I like of other people. It is fun to write and have comments written back. some day my sons will see them and say oh that is Mom’s funny stuff and into the dumpster they go. oh well I will not think of that. we have fun.

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