Heart’s Desire

In the movie, “Patton,” George C. Scott speaks these words about war, “God help me; I love it so.”

I am not a war promoter, but I love this passion.  It’s passion for something that  bursts from his heart and describes his yearning.  He doesn’t care what other people want or care about.  THIS is what he loves.

What do you love?

31 responses to “Heart’s Desire

  1. I loved my bicycle. There was nothing greater than the wind roaring in my ears as I raced my friends down a hill.
    I loved my books. Worlds without end, facts, myths, and new meanings gave me new intellect and expanded my understanding.
    I loved my music. The harmony of life cannot exist without music.
    I loved my girlfriend. The first heartbreak hardens you in the softest of places.
    I loved my car. The oil, grease, and bruised knuckles gave me pride of ownership.
    I loved my job. The value of a dollar measured with my own sweat.
    I loved my family. What matters less is everything else.

  2. I love the way the air smells in summer when a rain storm is imminent. My husband thought I was crazy the first time we were out sailing and I told him I could smell a storm coming. An engineer through and through, if it didn’t come up on a computer model, he didn’t believe it. Now after thirty years, he has learned that smell also.

    I love the little white circles inside hail stones that show each layer as the ice formed on its way down to earth.

    I love the snow drops that bloom underneath the spring snow. They’re our first signal that the earth is awakening and soon it will be time to plant!

    I love the way my hummingbirds find me reading on the porch and hover in front of my face until they get my attention to convey the fact that their feeder is empty.

  3. Picture, if you will, an empty stage, with the entire backdrop covered in a giant American Flag. As the lights come up, a tune begins to play in the distance. It is a stirring piece of music that grows and grows as a figure appears walking toward the front of the stage from the horizon.

    ( from the trumpets) DA, DAT, DADA……DA, DA….DADADADA, DAT…..
    (from the piccolos in rapid fire) ba….bababa….ba…bababa…ba..bababa.

    As the march crescendos, the figure, dressed in knee-high boots, jodhpurs, short military jacket festooned with numerous medals, a helmet and carrying a riding crop comes into full view.

    General George Patton?

    No….. Peanut Beranski !

    A Grand Entrance….God help me, but I do love it so.

  4. I love writing, of course; why else would I be here? I love my first “diary,” that my grandma gave me when I was nine years old. I still have it today. Every once in a while I like to go and look at those silly entries.

    I love my dogs and cats and horses. One of my favorite moments is sitting in bed with a cup of tea with both dogs in the bed and a loudly purring cat in my lap, and a beeswax candle burning on the nightstand.

    I love my horse even though I am afraid of him, too. When I put my nose to his coat, it smells like warm crayons.

    I love my little keyboard and my banjo. I sometimes am angry at myself that I didn’t learn to play music decades ago but I am so grateful for music now.

    I love my kids and miss them now that they are grown and gone.
    I actually love Wisconsin, even the winter. I have tried living in Colorado and California, but came back home.
    I love rainy weather, miserable days when other people seem depressed. Gloomy days lighten my mood.

    I love reading all of your loves!

    ~ Anne

    • Filvii, We are kindred spirits. I adore dreary days, horses, dogs and banjo playing. At least I think I would love the banjo. It beats the accordion and that is the torture that my parents put me through.

    • Look out Filvii, Peanut will have you playing a nose flute before you know it.

    • I would love to know you. You have the same loves as my daughter — music, animals, journaling, rainy weather. No kids yet, fortunately, she’s only 17. And Wisconsin not so sure about, we’re from Miami, But she does have two banjo ukeleles, one of which she took to school today. Nicely written.

  5. Sorry, you can delete that – I just goofed on my name 🙂 thanks.

  6. I appreciate all goofs. In fact, god help me, I love them so.

  7. My face greets the southern breeze with a smile as the sun probes the darkness with its gentle fingers as it rises above the treeline to the east. A pair of mockingbirds joust overhead in defense of a territory whose lines are defined, somehow, by nature. The chains holding my porch swing chirp in mimic of the tree frogs starting a morning serenade.

    One of our cats jumps to my lap as I swing and lifts her nose to my coffee cup. She emits a nearly soundless snort and shakes her head letting me know her displeasure. A lingering hummingbird, late leaving for wherever it is they go this time of year, darts about a feeder which hangs nearly as empty as my cup,

    My neighbor from a couple miles down the road slows his pick-up as he approaches, a country courtesy to minimize the dust from the dirt road which connects us. He gives me an index finger wave and a nod, and I return his greeting as he passes on the way to the feed store. We talk a couple times a year over things unimportant to most city folk- usually rain, or the lack of it.

    I need to winterize my tractor and shock the well. Some tin on the shed is loose and needs tending to. The summer winds loosened some rusty nails.
    I look at the dregs in my coffee cup. That sure tasted good I tell myself. I guess I have time for one more cup. Some sugar water for the hummingbird. too. As I rise, the cat gives me a polite meow as a reminder that me she also needs some attention.

  8. I love the sound of my daughter’s voice as she sings a jazz ballad. She’s an old soul.
    I love anything that makes me laugh.
    I love novelty — new experiences, new places, new sights, new food, new posts on Ann’s blog…
    I love witnessing kindness among friends and family and especially among strangers. It makes me tear up.
    I love anything satisfying — a good book, a great movie, excellent dinner…
    I love creativity.
    I love my husband and family. Each new addition adds something new and interesting to the mix.
    I love everyone sharing their loves. So many of which I share.
    I love that I could continue this list as I’m sure many others here could. It makes me happy to know that there is so much to love and enjoy in life.

  9. It occurred to me today that I had three passions as a kid that were seldom satisfied. I loved riding horses. (Almost never got to do it.) I loved jumping in the waves in Lake Michigan. (There were mostly unsatisfyingly small.) I loved riding a carnival ride where you sat in a caged car, with a bar across your lap on a big ferris type wheel (actually oblong) and then you went upside down because your car swung freely on an axle while the wheel went round and round. It was called the Zipper. I did that every chance I got.

  10. I love this piece and the comments too.
    I love the colored sugar candy sticks,
    Jars of paint, red, green, yellow and blue,
    I love earth’s in house fragrance after the first rains,
    The sound of lone piano keys in the still of night.
    Happy to share these sights and sounds,smells with all of you.

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