Skewing the Context

I like the idea of seeing things in a new light, of skewing the context so that you describe a common activity in an unlikely way.  Here’s one of mine, called “Chair Ride.”

Sitting in the car,

cruise controlling down the road,

my honey and I

kick back like two off-work ditch diggers,

relaxing in these comfy chairs

inches above a streaming road,

careening along in multi-adjustable seats

as if we’re watching tv

and enjoying a pleasant show

about the landscape of Wisconsin

complete with soundtrack

and curving ups and downs.

Best seats in the house.


Your turn to skew a little reality for us all!

25 responses to “Skewing the Context

  1. The supple leather hugs her edges and teases me. I run my left hand over her spine, gripping in just the right places. I pull her close to me. Her intoxicating scent draws me into her world and demands my complete attention. My right hand caresses her as I soak in her every word. I set in rapture as I read my leather bound Shelley and Stoker collection.

  2. Good one, Ward! Love your new picture too. Horror books, huh?

    • I love it all. Although, I have been reading horror since I was about eleven. Horror, especially the craft of old, is a different language. My father has Poe’s “The Raven” memorized. That always intrigued me as a child. Reading further works of his like “The Masque of the Red Death” made me think. I go back now and read them again to find the “real” horror of the subject. Contemporary horror I think leans on the gore-factor too much. Give me a “The Tale Tell Heart” and I am there.

      I think that the new picture is a very close likeness of me. He stares at me all the while I type. In fact, he is looking at me now. Those beady eyes and knowing little grin. I should think they contained malice. Unblinking malice. However, since he was designed to hold a lollypop in his head, I can only laugh at his intensity.

      • cranberrylodge

        I agree completely Ward. Contemporary horror does ‘lean on’ the gore way too much. Same for mysteries. I love the old fashioned Sherlock Holmes where something was left to the imagination.

  3. Hi Ann, I really liked Chair Ride – I got a fragrance of Frost and Sandberg from it. If I may offer a suggestion, the “like two off-work ditch diggers,” part just seemed out of place and interrupted the flow of the moment.

  4. The daylight savings sun paints across my face from the southern window above my bed, gently waking me from my second sleep.

    I reach for my Ipad, and put on my specks. After it powers up, I click on my “Good Morning” folder at the bottom of the screen. First look is to email, searching through the spam onslaught for the automatic email from Bank of America announcing the current balance in my checking account.

    Next is Facebook, where I see posts from Friends in other time zones who have been awake for hours. The usual posts surface at the top of the page; cat videos, funny quizes, and pictures of families and friends.

    My fingers are getting numb from holding the heavy tablet now, so I shift hands, and prop myself up a little higher on my thick pillow.

    Let’s see, have any of my overseas friends taken their turn on the WordsWithFriends game? I realize I have over twenty games going at once with five different people. Never played this many Scrabble games in my life back in the day. But it stirse the synapses into gear, and prepares me for the
    ArtWithFriends games that await in that App. I think we used to call it Pictionary in the non digital era, right?

    Taking quick look at the Tahoe Cam atop Harvey’s Hotel about a mile from my ninety-two year old Mom’s house, so I can see her weather challenges for today.

    My Calendar is next. Why would a fourteen year retiree need a calendar? Just to make sure I don’t disappoint anyone with a promise made and not kept. At my age, it has become a crutch.

    Finally, time to check the QuakeWatch App, (it is Southern California afterall) to see what the latest shaker news is around the globe.

    I place the Ipad back on my nightstand, and reach for my daily morning meds.

    How did an hour go by so fast?

  5. “Somewhere, over the rainbow, hmm, hmm, hmm,” she sang softly as she leaned back and relaxed into the vision of pink, blue and yellow bubbles. It was exactly how she’d envisioned traveling by rainbow would look. The colors began distinct and true, then swirled and trickled into each other, creating new shades in every direction. Soft and frothy like the world’s best bubble bath, it was a visual delight and she couldn’t help but smile.
    The sounds were the only discordant note in the magic. Traveling by rainbow should be accompanied by a symphony playing Judy Garland’s classic song, but instead it was the thwump, thwump, shwish, of the machinery behind the magic. Not for long though, the trip was exceptionally quick and the machinery very efficient. In fact, here it was, the growling surf and roaring wind that marked the gateway from magic to mundane.
    She sighed and looked for the signal. There, the light changing to green. She shifted into drive and pressed on the gas, exiting the car wash, re-entering reality.

  6. Each life is an epic novel, written one moment upon the other, until the story is complete. Most events are routine and unexceptional. But in each tale, there are also instances of growth, brilliance, despair, levity and genuine love.

    My aim is to destroy these life stories, one chapter at a time. I begin my work by removing the last chapters first, until I have totally disrupted the narrative. I am Alzheimer, and I will delete your life before I kill you.

  7. At first I thought you were going mainstream on me, with comments that no one could argue with, but that took us nowhere new. Jeepers, I thought. Is Peanut going soft on me? Then you so craftily give us paragraph two. Your narrator appears, and it’s the last one we expect. Super deluxe, Peanut. Always such a pleasure. So stunning.

    • Thanks Lady Linquist. My father and brother had this killer, so I wanted to address it head on. Rest easy, my friend….I will never go “Mainstream” on you. I love you all way to much to behave myself.

  8. The seat-back is fully upright and in its locked position, as it always is.

    It’s a bit uncomfortable, but at least the magazine is interesting.

    How about that Taylor Swift?

    It’s relaxing in a way.

    The only sound is the rush of the air from the overhead fan,

    and then,

    all hell breaks loose.

    Clear air turbulence is a harbinger,

    this is going to be a bumpy landing.

    Thank God for the fan, but the air isn’t what it should be.

    On a steady approach now, the proper glide slope, and not pushing it.

    Definitely not pushing it.

    And then, like clockwork, the gear doors open with a thump.

    Down go the wheels, making skid marks.

    Turn the page, shift a little to the left, and adjust the lever on the seat-back to get a bit more comfortable.

    There, that’s better.

    This truly is the ‘best seat in the house’.

  9. I had to read this several times, but when all my thrusters started firing, I laughed. Hope this wasn’t after last night’s taco bonanza.

    I’m still laughing.

  10. Ward~ What a wonderful example of skewing; I loved it!

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