Little Nell Redux

Peanut inspired me on that last challenge. I’d like to set up a story that we can all build on. In this challenge you have a play to put on. Feel free to be yourselves as characters if you wish since the casting has not been finalized. We need a director and also a sponsor putting up the money who isn’t quite sure what to think.

The setting: Bumble City local theater group is putting on a play, very roughly based on the plot of Little Nell. In case that doesn’t ring a bell, Little Nell (a Dickens character from The Old Curiosity Shop) is the orphaned, lonely, teenage daughter who lives with a rather inadequate grandfather who gambles away all the rent money for their cold water, Victorian-era apartment in the slums of London. An evil landlord, demands the rent, or the usual “fate worse than death” if Nell doesn’t pay up. Her one ally is the illiterate young man, Stanley, who works in the shop for her grandfather.  I won’t rule out a hero entering stage left.

The Bumble Players have decided to recast the play in modern times. You can take it from there.

2 responses to “Little Nell Redux

  1. “Do come in Miss Beranski.”

    “Thank you.”

    “My name is Steven Spellberg and I am the General Manager of the Bumble City Playhouse.”

    “Nice to meet you Steven, you cn call me Peanut.”

    “Ok Peanut. Won’t you have a seat?”

    I sat in the chair on the opposite side of the desk from Spellberg.

    “Did you bring a resume?”

    “Yes, Steven…here it is.”

    He took the paper from my hand and began to review it.

    “So, Peanut, you are from Kenosha?”

    “Yes, I am. I started my acting/directing career as a permanent, part -time character actress on a Dinner Theater Duck Boat , Queen of the Quacker’s . It was a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals.”

    “As you probably know, Miss Beranski, we are planning an updated production of ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’…retitled ‘ Little Nell in Hell’. Would you be comfortable directing this show if you are given the opportunity?”

    “Of course I would! One of my proudest theatrical moments was directing
    Chernobyl…The Musical, with such showing stopping numbers as….”The Sun Might Come Out Tomorrow” and There’s No Business Like Glow Business.”

    “I do my best work on new and edgy material Mr. Spellberg.”

    “I have a few more interviews…but I will let you know of our decision as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and good luck Peanut.”

  2. Spellberg sat back in his chair and considered. He actually didn’t have any other interviews, but he didn’t want Peanut to think she was a shoe-in. Better to pretend this was a big time operation, worthy of her talents.

    They would be lucky to have someone who had done a musical. He’d been considering the possibility of a dancing Little Nell with a dozen Rockettes-like dancers in a kick line behind her, belting out tunes like “Strap me to the Rails Just for Kicks,You Toad” and a mournful tear-jerker like “Brother, Can You Spare a Franklin.”

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