Time for More Meaninglessness

You’d think that the quest for meaning would be all encompassing for writers. Perhaps not. I think stretching to find a way to create meaningless phrases is one more way to exercise your lurking creativity.  You’re grabbing far past sense and logic.

Creating meaningless phrases isn’t as easy as you might think. I’ll try a few here, but I’m sure you can do better.

  • Robots scrim novice notebook paper
  • Teabags undercut turquoise sidewalks
  • Run! Sandstorm eats blanket assumptions
  • Gravity overtones grind turkey loaf

Dive in and sequence dance moves in purple.

15 responses to “Time for More Meaninglessness

  1. A stitch in time is what Einstein learned at tailoring school.

    If at first you don’t succeed…You failed.

    Let sleeping dogs lie, if they are awake, insist on the truth.

    A bird in the hand eventually has to crap.

    Never put off today what you can talk someone else into doing.


    It depends on what the definition of “is”…is .

    There is no “There”…there.

    “I am not a crook…I am a highly trained Con Artist”

  2. Coney island dogs spread poop like mustard, catsup her monthly blessing.

  3. More from The Mecca of Meaninglessness, D.C,

    Let me be perfectly clear that I am concerned that you have concerns. But, not wanting to cause the people to become overly concerned, I have been advised to take the issue under advisement and wait for the full investigation to be concluded before I reach any conclusion concerning your concerns. Nonetheless, be sure I am on it. until it fades into the vapors of time, and I can return to contemplating more pressing concerns.

    • Peanut, you are my newest favorite author. Someday, I’ll be carrying around one of your books (instead of J.A. Jance), and people will stop me and say “Oh, I love her! Which one are you reading?”

  4. I am learning to speak Flemish so I can vacation on the Isle of Phlegm.

  5. Tiny paper wings glued to raisins fly in the face of reason.

  6. Semolina pilchard climbing up the Eiffel Tower
    Elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna
    Man you should have seen them kicking Edgar Alan Poe
    I am the eggman, they are the eggmen
    I am the walrus,

    John Lennon

  7. By The Band and Protractor
    Lord Alloway Wont
    Suggwood, Knightsleap-An-Kent




    Tale Bound Schlockier of Portends

    Inclusive of Writ and Still-Borne Intercourse

    Incongruity With

    Commodious Harmonization
    Joyous Recalculation
    Pence (Rectitude and Normal)
    Vermiculite Hand-Matronly


    In-vitro Jaundice


    “She avails to the wind as with the tides that swaddle the ark of mournful quantization amidst a conundrum of hackneyed olfactory blight.” – The Book of Ides

    A Prayer for Calcite

    Oh great Father, who, without surplus or integration, hath made the cofactor of bountiful hyperbole precede the waxing of future proximity from all that steep in the commotion of neuralgia perplexed deviance. To you, oh chicane of mobility, we gaze and capitulate in a wealth of humidity, semi-prone and prone, in the cochlear wont of treble hybrid sequestration.


    March 3 – The Redaction of Tawny Beauvoir
    March 7 – Pentagon
    March 10 – Stylus Caravel (Subsistence Day – Orthodox)
    March 11 – Symbiotic
    March 13 – Vermin Gadfly (Trad.)
    March 15 – Vermin Gadfly (Obs.)
    March 17 to 21 – In Situ Constance Gillette
    March 23 – All Turpitude
    March 26 – Cannery Shlep
    March 28 – Aliquippa
    March 30 – Conniption
    March 31 – Haughty Conniption

    A Song of Vivisection

    Merrily whey salts germane
    Merrily whey plots butane
    Merrily whey rolls the rue
    Barley’s fine mink coats au-jus
    Con-men ration.

    Promontory Point

    A man is neither oblique or subsequently factored by the queer sublimation of muriatic consequence borne of defiled eccentricity. He is proffered.

    Weather Scone

    March 1 to March 8 – Normandy
    March 9 to March 13 – Kale
    March 14 to March 16 – Gaudy
    March 17 to March 22 – Incalcitrant
    March 23 – Moreover
    March 24 to March 28 – Occidental
    March 28 to March 30 – Impudent
    March 31 – Leeward

    A Thought For The Palindrome Elastic

    Seethe out the salt suspension of the precise expectation that much can float on the warp and weft of the tightly conflated concepts of propriety and inherent disassociation. Learn incontinence. Trust in formaldehyde, and know that bovine redemption is the fruit of reclassification and that the will of man is always equal to the arc length when the angle is measured in radians.

  8. Elvis and his blue swayed shoes danced no more, buried in strawberry fields.

  9. I have never seen meaningful meaningless more well put and expect I never will again. (I figured this was right up your alley.)

  10. They were not only swayed, but quite holy. He claimed it was grounds for the divorce that I put them to rest.

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