More Galumphing for You

The Undergod

The round and round

A phobia

Stubbed toe

10 responses to “More Galumphing for You

  1. The Undergod of the Goth-Gargoyle dungeon sat hunched over the far end of the bar. Watching. Waiting. Ignoring the pain of the stubbed toe he inflicted on himself when he tripped on a curb earlier that night. The round and round motion of the Goth-Gargoyle wannabees dancing to the pulse of artificial music was intended to be hypnotic. To them. But, not to him. He thought perhaps he was getting to old for this. Or maybe it was the absinthe he once thought so cool to drink. Coupled with the Gold Coast pot. The feeling simply wasn’t there anymore. The thrill of the hunt. The chase. The seduction.

    The young faces, full of exuberance and energy, now wanted less and less to do with him. A black-haired girl walked toward him. He gave her his best look. If he could just make eye contact. She hurried past him down the hallway to the bathroom not giving him a second thought. He felt a phobia growing about his age. He was only 129 years old, give or take a decade. Was it starting to show, he wondered. He glanced in the mirror. Only he could see his true age, and it repulsed him. Others saw what he wanted them to see, but it was getting harder each night.

    He needed to interact and dance. Show them his moves. Maybe pick up a couple of chicks. It had been a while since he had a lustful threesome. He downed his drink and slid smoothly off his bar stool. Walked with a swagger to the center of the dance floor. The strobes were flashing. His pulse was growing. He began swaying to the beat of the eardrum-melting bass. On the crowded floor a tall woman in black and silver began dancing with him. Twirling with gypsy-like movements on platform boots with four inch soles and seven inch heels. Typsy and sexy. Until she stepped on his stubbed toe.

    He screamed in pain, losing his cool. And his hidden age. The dancers around him recoiled at his face, no longer youthful but hideous with sunken eyes, stringy white hair. They backed away in fright from this horrible sight. Their revulsion was as contagious to him as their admiration was in keeping him youthful.

    He felt his arms constricting. His breathing became shallow. His knees went weak, and he collapsed on the floor. His life evaporated in an unseen mist. Two dark figures swooped upon him and drug him effortlessly through the crowd, down the hall, and disappeared.

    The girl in the platform shoes, dressed in black and silver, gyrating in a serpent-like motion, made eye contact with a young virile guy showing good moves. Good dance moves meant good sex and good sex meant good life. She began to dance, making seductive contact with her body and her eyes. His energy flowed to her, keeping her young. For a moment she thought about her former dance partner and put aside the thought that one day that will be her fate.

  2. Great take on the Undergod. I liked the part where the two dark figures drag him away. Ah, those ethereal realms. So evocative; so full of scary beings. Good ending with the dance partner absorbing the doomed Undergod’s energy.

  3. Oh where, oh where have my writer friends gone?
    Oh where, oh where can they be?

    With their spare time short and excuses long,
    Oh where oh where can they be?

  4. Just a note to let you know I am lurking in the background. The Muse has been AWOL all summer. I hope she’s doing some research and not just lollygagging around on a walkabout.

    Hang in here, Ann. We haven’t deserted you. I’ve been a hundred miles away getting up close to big brown bears. Wild ones. With teeth and claws. Like, five feet away. We were eye to eye as we passed.

  5. Well, she passed. I was on my knees pressing the shutter release.

  6. Hey! You be careful, Gullie. That sounds like a grizzly. And a good story. With pictures!

    • The Alaskan brown bears are larger than grizzlies, though at some time in the past they were the same. More plentiful food enabled coastal brown bears to grow larger. Yes, definitely a good story! I’ll be starting the Fur and Feathers Journals soon on my blog. Have to finish one more chapter of the India Journals first.

  7. I am anxious to read of your Bear Adventures and see the photos.

  8. I’ll post a link here when they begin, if it’s okay with Ann.

  9. Bring it on!

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