Time to Dream

I don’t know about you, but it’s cold where I live, and the snow won’t be leaving for some months now. That means it’s time to dream by the fire. (No, I’m not going to ask you to describe a flame. Ack!) Life marches on, and most of us have picked our path or at least been handed one that we’ve had to follow. Even so, those dreamy flames encourage the fun of imagining all those paths we might have followed.

Let’s say you can command the forces of fate and pick a couple of other paths. What would have liked to try?

Would you have liked to be a trapeze artist named Regina Glorina? Or perhaps a world-famous environmental attorney, defending the preservation of pure water and clean air? How about an explorer who circled the globe in a boat you made in your garage?

What dreams (you are not limited to one!) lurk in your flames?

10 responses to “Time to Dream

  1. My dream of dancing the Pas De Deux as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker Ballet was dashed at age 8 when my Grandmother told one of her friends that, “Our little Peanut has Sturdy legs”. That made me sound much more like a coffee table than a Prima Ballerina.

    Consequently, I was forced, at that early and fragile age, to move on to plan B for my life; Playing the Quarter Back position for the Green Bay Packers, just like Bart Starr. My brother had received an entire football uniform, complete with helmet and shoulder pads the Christmas that I turned 9, so, by order of seniority, I got his old helmet. With that, I was fully prepared to assume the Leadership role for The Packers. But, alas….they refused to give me a tryout until I reached the age of 18.

    On to Plan C. Lion Tamer…I was too nice to tame anything

    Plan D. Olympic Synchronized Swimmer. To many ear infections

    Plan E. Playing the lead in Hello Dolly on Broadway, commute was
    too far from Northern Indiana to New York to get back each morning in time for school

    Plan F. Panning for Gold…again, commute to Rockies a bit much.

    Plan G. Pirate…. but I had too many healthy eyes and legs…AARRGGHH

    Plan H. Change my name to Biserka T. Wellington and open a Scream Therapy Clinic and Hydroponic Herb Garden on the serene shore of Big Barbie Lake. The Barbie Board of Zoning passed a No Noise Ordnance # 43958- RZ. And the EPA condemned the lake for high levels of Chromium Zylon.

    Plan I. FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT…. Boy do I wish I had stayed with this one, especially with the cast of misfit candidates that are running for the job this year. I really think I would have had a good chance against an Orange-Haired, Billionaire Carnival Barker, an aging Curmudgeonly Socialist and a woman who has about a 50/50 chance of being charged as a felon or being elected President.

  2. You never disappoint. I tried a couple myself, but mine are no where near as entertaining as yours. Loved the sturdy legs comment. How little adults know that their words are life changing.

  3. The dreams in the fire:

    –I was granted my wish in my pre-teen years of being given a horse and riding lessons. I bonded early with a local stable, learning the ways of horses. I mucked out stables, repaired tack, watched foals come into the world, and found out the role of love and also mastery in handling a horse. I worked after school so I had money to buy a second mare and made sure she was bred with the best stud I could finagle. I glanced in the direction of boys and dating, but never found that whole world anywhere as involving as raising my brood of horses. College was devoted only to gaining a joint economic and ag degree so that I could be smart about creating a life that could sustain me and my horses. I looked south to Kentucky and then west to the wide open spaces and choose Wyoming. It took a while to get accepted there as a female who could be successful raising horses and ranching, but working my butt off helped a lot. Now I wear a cowboy hat every day.

    –Back in the early ‘80s, I got fired from a corporate position and decided to start a business selling eco-friendly supplies to people who were looking for ways to be more environmentally responsible in their daily lives. I set up shop in my basement and stored products in my garage, created a catalogue, and learned about drop-shipping orders. Pretty soon I had to rent a small warehouse and office, but the business grew—slowly at first, but then by leaps and bounds. I sold the whole thing in 2004, and retired to the country so I could garden and experiment with ways of generating my own energy and recycling garbage without hiring a garbage man. Love my new windmill and the tower I built so I could watch the sun setting over the hills to the west.

    –I discovered a way to time travel back in 2011. I hadn’t expected to be the person who figured out how to slip through the cracks in time, but I got lucky. Now I time travel back to different eras in history whenever I want. There seems to be no way forward, and going back is only a way to view, not partake. I guess there are potential time paradoxes that must be avoided. It’s as if I am at a museum, behind a velvet rope, but the historical event is actually happening in front of invisible, incorporeal me. Trouble is, it’s real life, and real life is slow, with just a few moments of extreme excitement. I have to find the right place and time to arrive so that I’m there when Churchill and Roosevelt have their first meeting or just before Socrates drinks his hemlock so I can hear what he has to say. I’ve been practicing my skills and working up to the lives of religious figures, since I know there are going to be some disappointments involved, as well as gruesome violence.

    • Ann, If I ever get an opportunity to have a wish granted, it will be to meet you for a long, lazy lunch. I mean that. It is my belief that we would have the most excellent conversation on matters that, on one level, don’t matter at all, but in the end, mean everything. I adore your Dream piece. I hope you actually did get to be a horsewoman and to have your own shop. The concept of being at the first Churchill and Roosevelt meeting is intoxicating and to hear Scorates utter his last words would have been monumental, if he had said something profound. But, what if all he had to say at the end was something like…..Whatever…….or…….Nevermind. What a let down !

  4. Ann – Ironic you speak of writing about a flame and dreams. I rediscovered your website because I wanted to share the joy. I receieved word yesterday from a Journal. They wish to publish the poem I penned in your Beginners Writing Workshop in Spring 2014 for the candle assignment writing about what I see, think and feel looking at the flame. Irony, irony, irony. Life is strange and if we listen carefully we CAN see all the pieces woven together.

    My dreams are coming true and Jakadia’s voice is not only getting stronger but also being heard. Thank you profusely for all the inspiration!

  5. I tried to post earlier but alas, it is in the ether of places unknown.

    Flames and Dreams: topic de jure. As a past beginners writing workshop student spring 2014 I sought out your website to inform you that the poem I wrote for your candle flame assignment, is going to be published in a Journal. I received word this morning. Irony, irony,irony.

    So in light of the writing topic of flames and dreams…. I get to say that one from my child is reignited from the dust piles, I will be a published writer. Thank you for the powerful words and the employment of double meanings that only the universe can provide opportunity to employ through clever twists and turns of fate.

    As far as being a horsewoman… I totally support reviving that dream!

    • So good to hear from you Jakadia, and to hear about your poem being published. Keep looking for those clever twists of fate!

  6. Someday I hope to cross Indiana again (west to east or perhaps north to south) on side roads, since one year I discovered that sticking to the Interstates meant Indiana was a bore. It isn’t! I like the small towns and two lane highways. If I do that, I will definitely give you a call, and we’ll have lunch. Stay healthy!

    • Just to reinforce your premise that Indiana is not boring, within an eight mile radius of my home, you can find the grave site of Daniel Boon’s daughter and Olympia Candy Kitchen. They only make had dipped chocolates and they supplied all the chocolate covered cherries for one of Ronald Regan’s Inaugural Balls, per a special request from Nancy Regan. Talk about NOT BORING ! Olympia also has the most delicious Olive/Nut sandwiches ever. We will have our lunch there, sitting in the old wooden booths and sipping on original recipe Green Rivers.

  7. I apologize for the double post. I am new to this format and the post did not appear. Thank you and I will continue with the dialogue/writing on your site. So much fun and it will keep me sane in between more technical writing episodes.

    So funny to read the John and Martha reunion.

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