The Thrift Shop of the Future

Gladys parked her new Super Streamer floating recliner in front of the reconstructed twenty-first century reconstruction of a 1900 store front. The full display windows and winsome partial-glassed in door welcomed her to Ye Olde Antique Shoppe, a store which ran side by side with a number of other reconstructed reconstructions of storefronts. They were all so cute, she couldn’t resist shopping ON HER OWN FEET instead of using her Easy-Shop clip on glasses with the instant delivery function. She felt she had discovered quite a unique hobby. Wouldn’t her international Creative Clam Cookery cyber club friends be jealous when she shared her replay of this adventure!

She pushed open the door and heard the tinkle of the bell announcing her entrance. All around her were racks of strange clothing items, actual glass and ceramic dishes, plus kitchen appliances she did not recognize. What was that silver item with the two slots in the top and the charmingly antiquated electrical cable coming out the back? She leaned over a black square item about a foot square with a label that read “George Foreman Classic Grill” and wondered if it was something she might hang on her wall. She could start a collection of obscure ancient appliances for this month’s wall decorations in her ninetieth story apartment. Her wall installations proved she was an artist; everyone said so. Good thing her Super Streamer came with large side pocket storage. She giggled. So many choices!

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a proprietor emerging from behind a curtain.

6 responses to “The Thrift Shop of the Future

  1. what absolute TRASH

  2. Ann
    This is a follow up to a question on another thread regarding your ed2go class.

    I’m sorry if I”m double posting, I haven’t seen my comment from a night ago pop up….I might have input it incorrectly.

    Can you give me an idea on average how long the program really takes. I know it is spread over 6 weeks but typically how many clock hours do you see it taking. I’m taking this as a self improvement class as opposed to a requirement. I’m not the type of person that starts something and doesn’t finish, I’m just trying to make sure I don’t “over subscribe” myself.

    Thanks for any help.

    • I see the class taking about 2-4 hours per week. The schedule is quite flexible. I’d try it, and I think you’ll find that you are learning a lot that will help you as a writer. Dig in!

  3. Sandra Degrow (Sandrella)

    “Hello Madam” said the proprietor. “What can I show you in twenty-first century Minimalism; some ancient multi-media perhaps?
    Gladys followed the proprietor, whom she later learned went by Gus, to the section of the store which housed all manner of period multi-media. She ran her fingers over square keys embedded in a long rectangle and they clattered as she did so. Gladys thought the apparatus was an old musical instrument but Gus told her Writers used it to create Manuscripts, both wired and wireless.

    How extraordinary, thought Gladys. She purchased the keyboard, as Gus named it, and the cleverly restored desktop computer. When Gladys got home she managed to type one page on the old computer. She was thrilled.

    Gladys managed to type five thousand words, and the next day, Gladys returned to the old shop and purchased the printer. This device, she learned produced pages that would educate, entertain and delight readers of all ages; fascinating.

    • Who knew that the old ways of writing (here our usual computerized versions) could be so facilitating? Maybe we should all start writing with goose quills and ink. Great fun.

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