Turning Point Moments

~~Back in the 1960s, a female could get kicked out of school for coming in late to the dorm or for being caught in a men’s dorm.  When the clock hit midnight and your new love looked at you with tender eyes, did you stay out or mind the rules?

~~Your favorite employee comes into your office swearing at the top of her lungs, right when you are having a friendly chat with your boss’s boss.  Do you tell her to come back when she calms down or do you invite her to sit down and ask your boss’s boss to join you in the real world of being in charge of two dozen overworked women?

~~She did it again.  She cheated on you while you were in Europe on business for six weeks.  Trouble is, you did too.  A really fine-looking, smart French woman was working on the same project with you, and after a few nice meals together and friendly evening walks, things got out of hand.   Your move!

~~Junior is getting picked on in school.  Do you tell him to butch up and fight the bully or call the school and ask them to intervene?

~~You get tickets for a Jackson Browne solo concert (fifth row center!), but right in the middle of the second set, aliens land outside the intimate venue.  Tough choice!

5 responses to “Turning Point Moments

  1. although the questioner was not alive in the 60’s i can assure you that the key to u of iowa dating was to make sure your new love did not have a time piece and you did not either. the concept of time changes after a few glasses of purple passion is consumed. also living off campus makes things easier.

  2. not tough at all jb all night aliens listen to good music.

  3. Hmmm.. This is a tough one.

    The only things I think of when I search through cobwebs for childhood icons are trees. One, a tall spruce in our front yard, under which are buried numerous tadpoles and frogs that we caught in a nearby bog, turtles with painted shells, pet parakeets, etc. The other tree was a paper birch with a convenient low branch offering access to higher branches. It was, at times, anything we wanted it to be–a pirate ship, a castle, a lookout over canyons and mesas. All the games of kids who played outdoors during the long daylight hours of Alaskan summers evolved around this tree.

    A recent visit to the old neighborhood revealed the magical birch still stands on the edge of the property where Judy lived sixty years ago. It survived massive earthquakes that jumbled the landscape, volcano eruptions that coated it with inches of gritty ash, and bitterly cold winters, but it never failed to burst forth in the spring with lime green leaves.

    I wonder if it misses us.

  4. Kathy H Mendenhall

    Dear Ann- I have a very sad message that I feel needs to be shared with you and the infamous BWW 9-20-06. Posting it here under a writing prompt doesn’t seem appropriate so please let me know where I should post it.


  5. Kathy H Mendenhall

    Ann– I have some sad news to share with you and the infamous 9-20-06 BWW concerning a very special writer and it doesn’t seem appropriate to post it here under a writing prompt. Please let me know where I can post the message.


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