It’s Haiku Time

Late winter’s beige grass

By the deep blue of spring skies

Scent of snow, no buds.

36 responses to “It’s Haiku Time

  1. The weevils take pause
    in the lush spring alfalfa
    and breathe with a scythe

    A tired fawn sleeps
    in the thick rhododendron
    that taps with the rain

  2. A bird in the hand
    leaves me a present.
    It’s not an egg.

  3. Doors open onto
    Grocery store parking lot
    Sky welcomes my heart.

  4. Welcome to my home
    said the spider to the fly
    please stay for dinner.

  5. The golden sun
    lifts my eyes skyward.
    My smile follows.

  6. Brittle, brown leaves cling
    to cold, gray branches. One falls-
    the others tremble.

  7. Those are all really good! I have often thought about posting here (and have even written several entries), but never had the courage. Given last night’s awards, I just couldn’t resist. For what it’s worth, here’s my entry:

    Oscar winner’s wrong;
    Moonlight triumphs in comeback.
    Tears in La La Land.

  8. The aster straightens
    as the burdensome dew drops
    to the forest floor

  9. Lions roared, cheetahs chased
    I’ve been in Kenya
    Culture shock rules.

  10. Moonlight pebbly shore
    Waves crash and ebb shifting stone
    And the pebbles sing

  11. Laughing daffodils,
    playing in the blust’ry wind,
    melt the hearts of snow.

    • This one’s my favorite.

      • Thank you, Maureen. I went hiking last Sunday and came across a small controlled burn section. Ground still covered in black. Black tree trunks. And tiny green newborn pine trees already springing up. I thought of your poem and could “see” that picture in my mind –tulips growing out of disaster. I loved it.

  12. The remote, missing all day

    I left it right there!
    With a flashlight I found it
    Three feet to the left.

  13. My family sleeps.
    High wind warnings on the news,
    And the night sky roars.

  14. I read about this today and this is my take on the drama.

    Have Porky Lights been sabotaged?. Made from very lean cuts, these sausages have been a mainstay with dieters in the UK. According to the nutrition values on Porky Lights, one sausage has only 3 grams of fat and 78 calories. This is almost too good to be true and Slimming World recently had a package tested to reveal that they contain more fat than advertised, about 9 times more fat. As a result, Slimming World has gone public, accusing the producers of Porky Lights of misconduct. Not only that, but many Slimming World dieters are blaming Porky Lights for sabotaging their diets.

    The producers of Porky Lights are adamant about their sausages being lean. In defending their product they have published their own test results showing very low fat content in their sausages. They claim that Slimming World did not directly send the Porky Lights package for testing. Instead another meat supplier, a Porky Lights rival, was asked to handle this. Now Porky Lights is claiming sabotage. They believe the rival company, out of jealousy, set out to discredit Porky Lights. We do not know whose sausages were tested. We await the outcome of this tantalizing drama.

    browning sausages
    spit and sizzle in the pan
    fatty aroma

  15. Last days of winter
    Where the house burned down last year
    Spring tulips emerge

  16. The freezing field mice
    burrowing deep in the oats
    care not of the horse

  17. Jeffswitt: he knows what he’s doing. He needs it if it’s haiku. Remember 5/7/5,

  18. thoughts during mountain biking adventures

    Menacing descent
    Falling, heart in throat, Oh my!
    That will leave a scar

    Ascending, Adjusting, aargh!
    Agonizing ache

    Attacking treacherous curves
    Riding high on berms
    Finish line in sight

  19. I am registered for your October class. May I post some of my work here?

  20. You certainly can. I don’t give a lot of feedback here, but nonetheless, it’s good writing practice!

  21. Monosyllabic
    Single syllables marching
    Five seven and five

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