The Adventure of a Lifetime

Alicia stood at the bus stop, counting the change in her pocket to make sure she had exact.  It was either take the bus and skip lunch; or walk to work, be late, but be able to afford a cheap burger at noon.  Her run-away-from-college-to San-Francisco adventure was going downhill.  The ill-paying job as an elf in the Santa Claus section of the Emporium department store had been forcing certain of life’s unpleasant realities on her.  She realized she didn’t know how to cook (and only owned two pans), had no friends to speak of, was scared to drive the Honda 150 cc motorcycle she’d spent her thin savings on (hoping to turn her life into a cool adventure), and didn’t know what to do with herself on the weekends when she could barely afford to eat.   Her two room apartment was empty except for one folding chair, a sleeping bag, and a table made out of a cardboard shipping box.  How was this all going to turn out?

11 responses to “The Adventure of a Lifetime

  1. Lawrence Arthur

    It’s an, “Aha” moment, which means things can now get better, but things sometimes get worse for a little while. Cardboard cartons are notorious for having unwelcome occupants of the creepy crawly kind.

    I’ve missed your courses. I’m happy that your blog has arrived on a fresh night breeze!


    • The Beginning Writers Workshop sessions keep coming, but some students leave memories behind. I’m glad to see you here. Dive in!

  2. Alicia paid her fare and pushed into the standing passengers. She would be a wreck by the time she got to work. Maybe, she would give the motorcycle another try tomorrow. It had to be better than this crush. But you don’t meet people on a motorbike. Here she was, pressed into three people and looking down on four others. Still it was too close to start a conversation. Everyone was pretending they were alone and not jampacked in this bus. There was that gawky guy who made the wooden toys that the elves were supposed to make on their own. He was shy and probably lonely. Next time he came in to help them she would try and get him to talk. Lord knows, she could make fun of her costume. The green body suit with leather jerkin and funny hat made her itch all over.

  3. Good developing plot! I’m glad you tried this challenge, sahfee.

  4. Thanks Ann. I am sure Peanut, Gary and Jeff will come up with something hilarious. 🙂

  5. That would be great. We have some amazing writers here!

  6. “Screw this,” said Alicia. “I’m outta here.”

    Over the next two days, Alicia quit her job, subsisted on discarded produce from a dumpster behind a local grocery store, and used a computer at the library to read about motorcycle riding.

    She pleaded an emergency (to save her life, she added silently) in lieu of 30 days notice to her landlord and got her deposit back. She bought a second, or perhaps third hand helmet and used sleeping bag at the Salvation Army thrift store.

    Then, she mounted the Honda and pointed it north. Towards Alaska.

  7. She’s coming up to see you! I wish I was Alicia! Sounds like a great adventure.

    • Grab your helmet — I know you have one. It has bright orange and red flames on it. Meet her at the border.

      I’ll leave the Midnight Sun on for ya.

  8. Alicia gazed out the foggy windows of the bus, dreading the day ahead of her. Standing by Santa in her elf costume, was as much fun as her last visit to her parents when she announced her plans to have this adventure. Horrific!

    To take her mind off the immediate situation, she started humming, getting a bit louder, with each tum in the road, it came to her! “I can’t feel any more idiotic singing out loud on the streets, as I do in my elf suit'” Then it came to her, a singing elf!

    A new adventure was brewing. Luckily those choir practice days had emblazoned in her memory an array of Christmas songs. It was time to take her show on the road – “man up” to the motorcycle and head, well, somewhere. But where? Someone suggested Alaska, but can be hard to negotiate the roads when you’re not exactly a Hell’s Angel on the cycle.

    Hmmm! “Since I’m already on the West Coast, might as well go south to Los Angeles. There are so many weirdos and wannabe types there, I will just be another side show, with a seasonal act.”

    She mused, “Lana Turner, eat your heart out, I can be discovered too, because beauty has nothing on an elf riding a motorcycle and singing Christmas songs among the towering Palm trees in Los Angeles.”

  9. Alicia sounds spunky! And creative. She may end up in Venice, CA, singing for her supper!

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