Poems of the Day

You may remember the concept of “Poems of the Day” from earlier challenges on this blog.  These poems are not necessarily your best work, but rather something that you sit down and let blarb onto the page, right now, without a whole lot of thought.  You’re seeing what’s on your mind, but still pushing yourself to make it a poem, not a piece of free writing.  Add line breaks, even stanzas.

Trust yourself.  To quote Old Lodgeskins from the movie, Little Big Man, “Sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t.”  Even so, I’m a great believer in magic.

Surprise yourself.  Share your Poem of the Day.

14 responses to “Poems of the Day

  1. Okay, here’s mine. Rather surprised at how grim it turned out.

    I spilled my guts today
    Told all my secrets; it felt good.
    Then I got wet while gardening in the rain;
    The weeds laughed at me anyway.
    Turkey vultures careened by
    Scoping me out,
    but I wasn’t dead enough to interest them.
    I know the natural world is brutal,
    Unforgiving of carelessness.
    One slip, one fall, one stupid move
    And I could be food for coyote pups.
    Hopefully that’s not true indoors
    Where I have at least tenuous companionship
    But even that carries a threat.
    One of us will die first.

  2. Maureen E Keith

    Let blarb! Let blarb.
    Instructions for the day.
    I fear if I share what’s on my mind
    Mine will be too grim two.
    Try to keep it light and airy,
    Not too scary.

    (Okay, that was weird. I may try another.)

  3. Maureen E Keith

    The dog’s bowl was empty
    When I got home from work.
    I filled it up.
    He drank and drank.
    I’d asked my daughter before I left
    To give him water.
    She’d said yes.
    I also told her to bring in her shoes
    Drying in the sun
    Before it got dark and made them wet again.
    I carried them in, dripping.
    Fourteen, such a difficult age
    (Especially for the dog).
    Somehow she remembers her phone
    Wherever she goes.

  4. I liked them both. You’ve definitely got the flavor of Poems of the Day. Life is all around us, and as writers, why not comment on it? Great phone commentary!

  5. Immersed in the words on the computer screen
    Work seems neverending.
    Email window pops up
    With a new project, my boss is sending.
    Today is Friday,
    With a holiday coming soon.
    It is easy to daydream,
    Only interrupted by a visit from a raccoon.
    Winds rustling the leave
    In the woods outside my office,
    Making me remember days of cloud gazing
    Lounging on a bed of grass softness.

  6. Work versus nature. Love it! We can all keep dreaming of easy days. Thanks, Erin!

  7. cranberrylodge

    Swam at six,
    Then coffee with the girls.
    Home early;that’s a bonus!
    But it’s time to feed the birds.
    And Alex is knocking.
    It’s too warm for him today.
    Baseball essay’s taking shape,
    But there’s laundry to put away.
    Bruce is in the garden,
    I could squeeze a moment now.
    But lunchtime’s in an hour.
    Where’d the time go? Holy cow!
    If I send it he won’t read it.
    That line’s scrolling in my head.
    No excuses!
    Just get seated.
    Tomorrow you could be dead!

  8. cranberrylodge

    And you thought yours turned out grim! Yikes Ann!

  9. I love Poems of the Day like this. How quickly we forget the cadence of our days. Here you preserve a day, and now it will not be lost. Good one, CL!

    • DebraAnnFarinaRainear

      Never tried this before so hoping this is what you mean.

      Double nickel on my mind
      as I awoke this Friday morning.
      Could have been the talk of Craps and fever five,
      or maybe just those hours dreaming.

      Never reached the table at the Golden Nugget
      as conversation and drinks continued to flow.
      Probably saved myself the hundred,
      since rules of the game I did not know.

      And so it seems during those R.E.M. hours,
      my ghost took form stacking chips.
      Suddenly, “No more bets,” shouts the dealer,
      while dice land double nickel from flips.

      By: DAFarinaRainear

  10. Wonderful! You even managed rhymes. Dreams and gambling!

  11. DebraAnnFarinaRainear

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement!

  12. I was awakened in the early morn
    and the birdie seemed to say
    awake and be happy,
    this bright and sunny day

    He sat upon my window sill
    throughout the morning long
    singing with alacrity
    his bright and cheerful song

    It was in a state of grogginess
    that I rose from my bed
    Grasped the window with all my strength
    and crushed his little head

  13. You never disappoint, Waldo. I’ve missed you!

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