Rolled Oats

Some phrases just roll off the tongue.  I like “rolled oats” because of the long “O” in both words.  In fact it inspired me to see if I could extend it.  This is good practice for poets since the sounds of words in poetry is so important.  Here’s mine.  You try one too.

Lonesome Jones owns forty glorious rolled oat stores for those poor bores ordering s’mores.

12 responses to “Rolled Oats

  1. Old ghosts told soldiers bold moments form only lonely widows

  2. The purely surely gentleman sat in the hovering, smothering fog, contentedly stroking his puppy’s belly while telling tall tales of life on the bogs.

  3. Stu took Uber, Irvin drove drunk.

  4. Lynne Stanley Fisher

    The groom will soon sweep the room with a broom so he and his bride can have their honeymoon.

  5. Lush mushrooms shiver in douche
    A shy shrew with short eyelashes
    Polishes off the scrumptious dish.

  6. Lynne Stanley Fisher

    Does alliteration qualify? Lucy Leland lingered on the lawn of the last house in the lane, hoping to learn the last name of the lad who sent her the love note.

  7. Maureen E Keith

    Went to Schenectady
    For an appendectomy
    Guy lying next to me
    Said that surgeon wreckta me
    Friend came running, saying
    Why you texting me?
    I said, please, buddy, get me
    Outta Schenectady !

  8. “Asia, eh?” said the Canadian who
    had enough of all things East.
    Why Hong Kong is just an island
    in an ocean of cavalier omission
    where you find ‘shoddy’ to be ubiquitous.

  9. April renamed Jane’s plain kale paté baby hay bales.

  10. Re-worked this a bit to be be closer (I think) to the intent of the prompt.

    “Asia, eh?” the Canadian’s woe
    He’d had enough “East” to last.
    S’why I sell high when I buy low
    opined O’Shay, late of Cork
    A jaundiced view that you knew to be true
    if you traded your stock in New York

    I have nothing for “and sometimes Y”

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