Writing Colleagues!

I am in the process of taking my now-defunct Ed2Go course, Beginning Writers Workshop, and turning it into a Beginning Writers WorkBOOK. I hope to upload it onto Amazon this fall. Before then, I was wondering if any of you (if any of you are still out there!) would mind writing me a blurb of one or two sentences that I can include on an inside page or the back cover, mentioning that you found my course helpful. I would want to use your name and short description, such as “Well-known blogger from Moosejaw, Alaska” or “Intrepid writer/librarian from Appleton, Wisconsin.” You get the drift.

The workbook will be sold at a very low price (I don’t really need the money; I just like to teach and write) so, as always, consider this a chance to have fun, be creative, and appear once more, in writing.

I hope you will post your ideas here. Multiple submissions are fine!

Miss you guys.


18 responses to “Writing Colleagues!

  1. I heartily recommend Ann Lindquist’s Beginning Writers Workshop. Prior to my introduction to the techniques so clearly laid out in this course, my writing rarely rose above the level of “crank letter,” and was considered by many to be a waste of mimeograph paper. Now, my opinions are so clearly and convincingly stated that nearly everything I write is considered by my eager readers to be of “manifesto” quality.

    A Concerned Citizen, York, Pennsylvania

  2. Using the tools I learned in the Beginning Writers Workshop to develop powerful and engaging characters, I wrote a short story about a vicious mutant dog. Dog lovers hated it. As an author, I can’t imagine greater satisfaction than that achieved by moving my readers to explain in writing how I have ruined their day. – A Naturalist and Wildlife Writer, York, Pennsylvania

  3. One of the most profound concepts taught in the Beginning Writers Workshop is that new writers should begin with appropriately small projects. Initially, I struggled with creating lists, notes, and even random jottings. However, with the confidence I developed thanks to the Beginning Writers Workshop, I recently composed a vacation postcard that my mother found so engaging, she put it on the refrigerator. – A Published List Author, York, Pennsylvania

  4. Missed you too.

  5. Would live to!

    Waited too long to take Ann’s class. But once I did, I enjoyed every moment. Lots of fun with gifted critiques. Worked wonders on my imagination. You won’t regret enlightening your writing with her insights.
    Susan, a budding writer

    Feel free to edit as you like!

  6. Thanx, Susan. So good to hear from you and hear these kind words. –Ann

  7. Brilliant. Will do….
    “I learned about Ann’s online writing course through my local library. Her Ed2Go course, “Beginning Writers Workshop” helped me focus my widely scattered ideas into a focused written piece. Her book will be brilliant.” – Larry Kosowan, a retired report writer, who writes now for fun.”
    Thank you again Ann,
    Larry K

  8. Christine Gilliland



    Ann Linquist? Is that really an email from Ann Linquist?

    Backup scroll. Oh my gosh. Is she okay?

    She is! She’s alive and well.

    And she’s performed CPR on Beginning Writers Workshop.

    Joyful news all around.

    I would be honoured, delighted, pleased as punch to write a blurb for you, Ann.

    I can’t wait to hear more about your book.

    Thank you for sharing this exciting news with us.

    -Freelance Fundraising Copywriter from Atlantic Canada

    • Christine Gilliland

      P.S. You might remember me by the pseudonym I hid behind back in Beginning Writers Workshop: Zelda P.

  9. Yes! I remember Zelda. So glad you found your writing niche and that it is working for you. I’ll keep the news coming. You write a great story! –Ann

  10. When I saw I had an email from you I have to admit I was excited for purely personal reasons. I thought of BWW and how I looked forward to the lesson posted each week, anticipating the challenge. As a writer, I grew. I realized how much your follow up website peaked my interest and challenged me to create pictures with my words. I have missed you.
    Creating a workbook from your Ed2go class is a wonderful idea. There is no better way to learn than your clear descriptions and assignments that stimulate your muse.
    As for how your course was helpful:
    I took the plunge into exploring writing with BWW. Every lesson solidified the basics, broadened my abilities and inspired and challenged my skills.
    At the start, I questioned, “Am I a writer?” and after I could say, “I am a writer!”

  11. Christine Gilliland

    More than a couple of lines… 😁 But this is what I’d say if I were standing beside someone at the bookstore.

    The three most important words you’ll read in Ann Linquist’s Beginning Writer’s Workbook: You CAN write. Ann will show you.

    In her gentle, nurturing style, Ann will help you unlock your creativity.

    I speak from experience. I wanted to be a writer so badly. But the fear of not being good enough kept me hiding on the sidelines.

    Ann said, “Try it. Come dance and play with words. There are others just like you. It’ll be fun. You won’t get hurt.”

    She was right. I had a ball! I practiced–a lot. And then, one day, I even called myself a writer.

    But enough of me telling you… Get the book! Trust me, you can write. Ann will show you.

    -Christine Gilliland, Freelance Fundraising Copywriter

  12. Christine,
    Is it all right if I use this as a blurb to support my book? I may take out some words, but I will not change or replace any of them. Let me know. –Ann

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