Your Blurb Can Be in My Book

I’m finalizing my Beginning Writers Workbook, based on the online course most of you took. This blog posting is my “last call” for supportive blurbs that I can use on the first two pages of this workbook and possibly on the back cover as well.

Write whatever you like, but please put your name at the bottom, as well as some kind of title that describes you, whether it is Freelance Fundraising Copywriter or Purveyor of Polished Postcards. I would feel honored to include your name.

I hope to have the book up on Amazon by October 1, so you can see that I’m in a hurry!

Many, many thanks. –Ann Linquist, Freelance Writer and Online Writing Instructor

3 responses to “Your Blurb Can Be in My Book

  1. Christine Gilliland

    So exciting, Ann!

  2. Ann, I’m sorry.  I got down with COVID crap and forgot.  I’ll get you something asap!Sent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  3. Ideas to write. -Oscar Chaidez, Fledgling Writer

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