Good News for Past “Beginning Writers Workshop” Participants

As of today, the content of the Ed2Go online course I taught between 2004 -2017 is now available–and a bit upgraded–in paperback form. You can find it at with the title, “Beginning Writer’s Workbook.”

When I stopped teaching the course online, I kept the rights to the curriculum I had written. This workbook has taken the place of the course. I enjoyed teaching you all for many years, but in the end, the sessions got too big for me, and finding really good help was difficult.

I’m very excited to have the lessons available once more. I hope you’ll take a look!

8 responses to “Good News for Past “Beginning Writers Workshop” Participants

  1. Christine Gilliland


    Massive congratulations!

    I surfed straight to Amazon and opened that ‘Look Inside’ link like a 4-year-old tears into a Christmas present.

    Then, landing on the back cover, a different kind of tears.

    Tears of gratitude.

    Thank you for sharing my words — my heartfelt praise and gratitude for you — in your book.

    You have taught me. Inspired me. And now, you have given me the honour of sharing my appreciation for you.

    I’m so happy for you, Ann.

    Thank you for being such a positive influence on so many of us beginning writers.


    🧡 I just bought a copy for me.
    🧡 One for my sister, a budding writer.
    🧡 And one for some lucky person I haven’t identified yet.

  2. Christine,
    Boy did that make me feel good! I guess you and I have had a really good Thanksgiving day. My hope goes along with that book–hope that people who are uncertain or unsure will find a way to get started and keep writing.

    For me, there is more writing to come. It’s a joy and also what keeps me going.

    All the best to you!

  3. This is terrific. I am glad your teaching is available again. It helps!

  4. SO excited to see this! Took your course in 2009 and am still good friends with six of the students I met in this very first writing class. You were the perfect first teacher! I’m ordering the book for the memories AND the great tools you provided.

  5. How great that you are still in touch with six of your fellow students. You must have had a really good group. Thank you so much for ordering the book. I got a “proof” copy today, and it is all that I’d hoped. Thanks again!

  6. I’m thrilled to see this! I took your class in 2014 and got so much out of it. I have ordered the book, too, and will look fondly on the past class while learning even more!

  7. Sunjester–It’s so great to hear from past students. Thank you for ordering the book. I think you’ll find it familiar, but with some new additions. Lots to think about and write about. Feel free to try some the writing challenges here as well.

    We shall keep going!

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