A New Beginning?

“Gimme a bite!” Adam held out his hand for the apple. 

Eve hesitated.

10 responses to “A New Beginning?

  1. “No,” said Eve. “I think I’ll share this with Lilith when she returns.”
    Adam frowned. “Now look…”
    “No, Adam, you have far too much power already. It’s time you learned about equality and stewardship instead of domination and dominion.”

  2. “Gimme a bite!” Adam held out his hand for the apple.

    Eve hesitated.

    The big galoot was getting pretty tiring, Eve thought. He had no manners and just because he was the original squatter in this garden, he thought he owned it all by himself. He wouldn’t even consider tenants in common, much less common law marriage.

    “Well, whatcha waiting for, Babe?” said Adam. “Gimme a bite.”

    Crap, said Eve to herself. Now what? This was the only ripe apple she’d found and his idea of a bite was more than half. She was hungry–hungrier than she’d ever been in her whole life. She knew she’d been gaining weight lately, but she couldn’t stop eating even while her belly protruded farther and farther and stretch marks in her skin looked awful.

    Besides, Adam never shared. He’d eaten that whole papaya by himself just this morning. Eve spotted movement in the tree Adam was leaning against. A serpent was slowly easing towards Adam, its forked tongue slithering in and out of its mouth, its scaly body seeming to move without effort, just flowing and flowing like water.

    An idea began forming in Eve’s mind. Only pieces of an idea, swirling around, crashing into each other, not yet forming a whole intent.

    “Of course, sweetie,” said Eve. “You just stand right there. I’ll bring it over to you.” Eve glanced at the serpent and she would later swear she’d seen it smile.

  3. “Listen, you big galoot,” Eve said. “I need all the bytes I can get. You have the Apple iPad, and I’m stuck with an old Commodore 50. I can barely play Ping on my computer. The only memory it has is an external cassette drive. I just want to play with your Apple for a little while. Can’t you share a few bytes?”

    “I can’t help it if you never upgrade.” Adam rolled his eyes. Was she serious? Did she really have an old Commodore? That thing was probably worth some serious cash on eBay as a relic of the dinosaur era. The iPad was serious computer gear. He wanted his Apple back! Bytes, indeed. Hadn’t she ever heard of gigs and terabytes?

    • Originally I was thinking along the bites/bytes line, but the possibility of murder and mayhem and the original feminist movement was oh-so-much-juicier.

      I see we both consider Adam a galoot…. (ellipses ad nauseum)

  4. “Gimme a bite!” Adam held out his hand for the apple.

    Eve looked at him, anger blazing from her eyes, “It’s Plum, Eve Plum and no I am not Marsha! So take your apple and put it where the sun never shines.”

  5. Oh, how I wish we could edit our posts here:

    “The big galoot was getting pretty tiring,m always acting like he was God’s gift to woman.”

  6. “For god’s sake, Adam, ” said Eve. “Get your own apple. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I’m smart eough to know there is more than one apple on the tree.”

    Adam scratched his head and pointed as if he were a little kid at the zoo. “Who let that snake in here?”

    Eve munched and shrugged. “Heaven only knows.”

  7. “This is Paradise,” said Adam. “Paradise doesn’t include snakes.”

    “Oh, Adam,” sighed Eve. “You’re always raising CAIN about something. Too bad you’re not ABLE to do anything about it.”

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